CPU/Bluescreen Crash


I got bluecreened after straight 2-3 hour gaming period. It went instantly from game to bluescreen without warning. Didn’t have much time to read what it said in the bluescreen but I picked up a line “CPU process died” or something similar, thought I am certain I saw the CPU “something here” died part.



Autosave (closest to the crash):

Latest manual save:

Versions and Mods:

Latest unstable version and no mods.

System Information:

Have you attempted basic troubleshooting steps here: http://discourse.stonehearth.net/t/crashing-on-start-read-this-updated-october-28/13297:

I was told to make a post here by justus on the game’s Steam Community Hub so my guess is that there is nothing in that link that could help me with this.


My DxDiag probably doesn’t mention it, but I have overclocked my CPU to 4.5 Ghz and have a proper cooler for it.

Note: I am just someone that plays Stonehearth, and am not affiliated with the developers in any way.

Then it’s impossible for anyone to know if the problem is the game itself (which is extremely unlikely - no process should crash the entire OS, nor have I’ve seen anyone else report similar problems), or the drivers, or the OS; or if the CPU is unstable under (possibly rare) conditions because it’s over-clocked (likely), or if you’ve overheated and/or damaged your CPU at any point in time and/or caused other hardware damage (also likely).

My advice would be to replace your hardware with identical “never over-clocked” parts and retry. It’s the only way to rule out the most likely “end user made their hardware unstable” causes.

That might be one of the reasons, but it would make no sense since I can play games like for example Ark Survival Evolved that are/should be much more CPU heavier than this game. I overclocked it couple of years ago and this is the first time I’ve got bluescreened like this.

EDIT: I do admit that my CPU is the weakest link of my PC.

A modern Intel CPU has around 2 billion transistors. If just one of those transistors is behaving strangely under specific conditions (e.g. only at certain temperatures, only on certain loads, only when nearby transistors are in certain states), then it may or may not cause a problem depending on what gets effected. Maybe those conditions only happen when a specific sequence of instructions are executed and there’s never a problem with software that doesn’t use that specific sequence of instructions. Maybe the CPU was perfectly fine for ages, but due to stresses outside its design limits it slowly developed a problem and only just started to have failures now.

It’s impossible to know (at least not without some extremely expensive equipment and a team of Intel engineers, and enough funding to buy a small country).

Now imagine you’re a software developer, and you have plenty of work to keep you busy and have to prioritise, and you get a bug report like this. You can’t reproduce the bug on your hardware, and you can’t even know if there actually is a bug in software you’re responsible for. What can you do?

@Osgood Thanks for reporting!

We’ve taken a look at your log and saves. The only things that would likely cause the crash you’ve described are video driver or CPU issues. Your video drivers are up to date so that’s not the problem. Which leads us to believe that in fact the issue is related to your CPU, and in particular the fact that yours is overclocked. (Thank you especially for mentioning that – it’s a crucial piece of info and one that many people don’t think to include.)

Different games place different demands on a CPU – so what works for one game may overstress in others. Stonehearth does make some heavy requirements of a CPU, particularly in our AI system. So that’s likely the case here.

Yea I believe that is the case like Brendan said earlier. I didn’t know about CPUs that much and it is good to know that games use CPU differently. Mine is about 5 years old so maybe it is time to look for a new motherboard and CPU. Untill then I will play the game in smaller periods and avoid the crash!

Thank you and Brendan for this new knowledge that I learned!

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