Cool Themes for Names

TL;DR: Random name generator in which you chose a theme for whenever you begin a game, choose a theme or just stick to the normal (Ascendency, Rayya’s Children, etc) and then all your citizens are randomly generated a themed name

To explain, I am currently playing with the archipelago biome mod on (in an archipelago) and decided to roleplay a Dutch colony in Indonesia. This has caused me to have a bit extra fun as now doing things like I am basing my custom buildings around that in which is found in Indonesia, the Netherlands, and depictions of Indonesia of when it was Dutch. Something else this has brought me to was using random name generators to generate Dutch names for my citizens. Which eventually led me to this: what if in some sort of advanced options screen, you were able to choose a theme for your people to be named after so then whenever you get a new citizen and all the citizens you start off with always get a randomly generated name of the theme in which you chose. You may not think it is too big of a deal at first however it may prompt others to also do some extra roleplay thus adding more replayability to the game and overall just making it more fun. Just an idea anyways <3

Oh and P.S. all the popups saying things like “the Kingdom of the Ascendency now recognizes your township” isn’t that hard to roleplay around so don’t worry about that, or at least it isn’t immersion breaking for me


One idea I had for better immersion in the biome was this, custom names. But it needs a long list to have a good effect.


@Sir_Dumbledaz The team would be elated to hear that you are role playing with a mod of their game. It was their original goal for players to be able to do this.

In regard to your suggestion, the idea is solid but it falls into the endless pit of ideas that are not crucial enough when compared to the time it makes to create them…I will say that you should be able to customize your hearthlings name so you can get a random name generator online (I would recommend and produce your item themes that way…

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Just a suggestion, it would be great if you shared those builds to the community, so they could have fun with it too