Constant encounters in hard mode since last patch? (Release 556)

Since the last patch, I get constantly attacked by enemies. On day 2, I got raided by 4 small golem groups (always 3 golems) and 1 group of small ents (6 small ents).

I really can’t do much right now, because I constantly need to go in defense mode since I wont survive those constant fights without the damage and tankiness of all my town hearthlings. And as a result, my hearthlings are pretty low right now. I try to counter heal them, but then again: I have nearly no time to harvest stuff like flowers because of the encounters. I try to keep playing and look if this keeps going on, but it made the early game much harder then pre-patch version.
Have you maybe mixed up the numbers when you patched this:

“Make hard mode encounters generate slightly slower”

Because right now, hard mode encounters generate much much faster then before. Maybe you forgot a point/comma in the coding lines or accidently put an additional number in there?

edit: Day 3 in the moring - 2 groups of small golems and 1 small ent group. footman and carpenter is very low. Guess I wont survive that long, even having a herbalist and a footman since late day 1.

edit2: Day 3 ended with a total of 3 small golem groups and 2 small ent groups. Day 4 starts with a group of small wolves. 2 hearthlings nearly dead by now, can’t even pick up the flowers right next to my base and make potions out of them because defense mode is up 80% of the time. There’s definitely something wrong with hard mode encounters right now.

edit3: The group of wolves annihilated all my citizens, couldn’t do anything about it. They were all fighting and kept my low health footman as long as possible alive while letting him doing damage. But no chance in survivng that. Right now it feels like an hard mode for hard mode, for the real masochists. :grin:

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Wow that is almost the opposite of what I experienced on hard mode.
So I agree something is up with the encounter generator.

I did not get attacked until day 2 by one group of 3 golems, I had one attack 12 hours later another group of 3 golems.
No attacks on days 3 and 4.
Day 5 another group of 3 golems.
Day 6 no attacks
its day 7 now and I am still waiting.

One of the things I did was to quickly wall off the three avenue of approach with fences, and promoted two Hearthling to Soldiers and one as a Herbalist by day 2. I expected the normal amount of attacks but the woods were silent. I have not seen and any Ents or wolf spawns yet.

So there must be a wide range in the encounter variable.

edit: I did get attacked by two undead on the night of day 4

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Maybe someone or the devs can take a look at this in my savepoint. I reloaded a manual save from day 1 and played to the point were encounters start. Just let the game run on max speed and lets see if this also happens to you:

SH_Save_EncounterBug.7z (2.7 MB)

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Tried to reproduce the bug and started a new run on the same seed. And yes, I have the same number of encounters. Sometimes a new encounter starts 5 seconds a fter I have defeated the previous ones. My hearthlings can’t even go to eat something until the next encounter happens, lol.

edit: It looks like closing and restarting the game helps. When I load my game then, the encounters seem to be normal. At least my herbalist got enough time to heal everyone from my town, which wasn’t possible before.

So just reloading doesnt help, but closing the game and then reloading helps. Strange

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It looks like the recent change to the encounter spawning broke the frequency of monsters when launching a new game. Loading the game will make the encounter frequency go back to normal.
I have a fix for this for next unstable release.
Thanks for reporting this!