Either I got pretty bad or combat in hard mode is a little bit tuned too hard

Probably the first one lol

I played hard mode when it was unstable and, while harder, it was still doable. I’ve since started 3 towns so far in the stable A16 build and have been getting wrecked. As soon as a larger enemy shows up my people can’t hack it.

The best progress I managed to get was day 8 of deepmun and 9 citizens. It’s pretty hard to get people right off the bat. I watched the last devstream so I know buildings count much more for networth so my town got up to 1 completed building and another about 80% done, 2 footmen with wooden bucklers and padded vests bought from a merchant, and an herbalist that just hit level 2 and was in the middle of crafting her clerics tome when she decided to start eating instead. Incoming Stone Golem. I used town defense and my footmen to try to zerg it all together. Got destroyed.

All told pretty frustrating but still fun hehe. Now for Hard Mode attempt number 4

The large stone golems are fort killers on hard mode, wooden swords can’t effectively damage them on hard mode. Getting through the first week is mostly an exercise on reloading till the big stone guys don’t show up.

Once you have better weapons they can be handled but as Rayya’s they’re effective ly game over reload.

I assume this is in the desert biome? I haven’t seen a stone golem yet and I am at day 8 in the forest/mountain biome. I suggest trenches, mine are usually 3 blocks deep, with a 3 block wide path across said trench. Then you can add a gate there xD. Of course helps to use terrain as natural walls as well so less trenching.

No I played in the forest biome. And the stone golem was just the latest one to destroy my town. The previous two were from giant wolves

There is a reason its called hard mode., be strategic with city building and use walls!

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or even better, dig a two block deep ditch