Consistant Crashing in Alpha 9

Title: Crashing at a regular interval, Black screen before client close

Basically at times I cannot save the game, and this is a problem because after a certain amount of time in game, my screen goes black the the client straight up closes. This begins to be a problem later on in my games day 6-7 then continues permanently

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Load into game with save file that has no image
  2. Wait
  3. Game eventually just crashes with no errors

Expected Results: Game Crashes

Actual Results: Game Crashed

Notes: I can repetitively recreate this bug, but I dont know if the save glitch has anything to do with it, or if it does that you can recreate the save glitch

Attachments: May attach screen shots later

Versions and Mods: No mods, Stonehearth 0.1.0 (release 256) x 32 build

System Information: Running 320bit windows 7, 4GB of RAM, Intel core i3-4160 3.6GHz

firstly, welcome to the discourse :smile:

secondly, are you using the humble bundle or steam version?

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Steam Version of the client

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ok, dont exactly know what to do here, but you could turn on the auto save feature they recently implemented.

sorry im no help here :frowning:

Yeah the crash occurs before the auto saving :confused: game doesn’t run for a whole day

Most of the devs have been gone since Alpha 9 dropped early last week (vacation, I’d guess), so when they come back next week, the’ll probably ask you to post your stonehearth.log file.

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I’ve not tried the autosave feature yet, but I wouldn’t trust a savefile that has no image.

Probably you could even upload that savefile somewhere and post the link here.

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I have found that it might be caused by the Auto saving, but i can’t be sure as i have experienced the crashes before the I started using the autosave feature

I will start a new world and create a save every day and jot down what i do, and when the save turns black i will upload the most recent normal save and the first “black” save

I had thought for a little bit it was a result of steam streaming, but after playing on my PC to test this I found that assumption to be false

I have found that occasionally i straight up cannot save, and that is what i think causes the auto saves to black screen