ConLang Learning Group: Sindarin Edition

mae g’ovannen (Well met)

Welcome to the Constructed Language Learning Group: Sindarin Edition!

Here we will, as a group, strive to learn one of the oldest conlangs in finction. Created by Tolkien himself (and then later adapted for the live action movies by David Salo), Sindarin is a complex language with delightful vocals and an elegant alphabet.

We should probably pick one of the courses listed below in the online resources and work our way through a lesson every week or so. What do you guys think?




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First of all, I believe we should focus initially on
our vocabulary, then on grammar and elf-runes. It seems pretty neat to learn a fake language online as a group. :slight_smile:

I personally prefer the first online source you posted.


I like that one too, the website looks clearner and more up to date =D

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Look at this too:
It’s good for quickly checking grammar.

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Thanks @capotzalco =D
I’ll add that link to the list!

And so we begin! Elves will have nothing on us anymore after this ;P.

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Indeed =D

Let’s start with lessons 1 and 2 of the weebly series. Lesson 1 is about pronunciation, and lesson 2 is about greetings. After we get those down we can move onto lesson 3 =]

EDIT: Lesson 2 has audio, which is cool, but you need to register with the site (takes less than 5 mins).
Lesson 1 Doesn’t have audio, However, using this chart of sindarin and these charts of Received Pronunciation(vowel and consonant), we should be able to get a good idea of how everything sounds ^^

I’ve read ahead to lesson 5, and have many notes:

4 humongous sticky tabs and a spreadsheet to be precise :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:.

And here is what i have to report:

Fills the screen!

I have to say, these are great lessons; thankyou @chimeforest for introducing me to the website.


Wow, Impressive =D

Thanks for sharing your notes with us ^^

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Best way to understand :smile:

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Found this on the weebly site forums, and just had to share =D

“A Elbereth Gilthoniel” read by Tolkien himself ^^


Yes I have watched that before :smiley:

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I’d never heard it before, I was so excited to hear it :smiley:
Do you know if there is anymore examples of him speaking sindarin?

Mae l’ovannon.
Im Glingdawarion eston. A len?

Respond below with a translation and/or response! =D
Bonus points to the first person who translates the base words I used for my name “Glingdawarion”

Go here (and optionally here) for instructions on how to get/make your elven name =D
Be sure to post your name so we know what you chose. ^^

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Well met,
My name is Glingdawarion. And yours?
Glingdawarion=Son of Glingdawar
Glingdwar= Glin (gleam) + ?? (tathar- willow?)

An elf on horseback stops on the road to greet Glingdawar

“Len Suilon. I eneth nîn Naugendur. A len?”
"Man tolthant i 'waew? "

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Nope, Glin + tathar + ion would become Glingdatharion, I think. Which is close to Glingdawarion. =]

I greet you. My name is Naugendur. And you are?
What is the weather like?

Naugendur = naug-en-dur? Dwarf of the Dark?

The elf sitting by a fire on the side of the road waves at you in greeting.

“Ail, de ring.”
“Tolo, havo nef i naur, de laug”
“Mas Telin?”

Nah, got this from the back of the Silmarillion (n)dil and (n)dur mean devoted to (for personal names), for example Elendil- Star lover, Isildur, Moon lover. Thus, with an ‘e’ added before the (n)dur, I become Naugrendur, dwarf lover.

What does your name mean?

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It’s raining, it is cold.
Come, sit by the fire, it’s warm.
Where do you come from?

(I will reply in about 7.5 hours)

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