Congratulations to PDanford on his Amazon published book!

Dreams Between Worlds

and here’s Google’s best attempt at translating the book’s description! :smile:

As an engineer aboard a generation spaceship awakens from its hibernation , you stand before the adventure of their lives.

congratulations again @PDanford… and best of luck with your book! :smiley: :+1:


Thank you so much @SteveAdamo

I am nervous as hell about this… its my first novel, as I do have some other ideas it might not stay the only one, but we will see about that.

Anyhow I am working on a translation already and the english title will be “Dreams among Stars”.
Short Synopsis is: “When a technician aboard a generation space ship awakens from cryogenic sleep, she is in for the adventure of her live.”

I am especially excited about my book taking part in the German Kindle Storyteller Awards 2015, hopefully this way I will be able to compare my skill against fellow authors.

This is a shoutout to all German-Speakers on this forum who are willing to give a new author a chance and do like adventure sci fi: risk reading it and rate it fairly and also get in touch with me, as I strife to improve my writing.

And now in German / Und jetzt auf Deutsch

Vielen lieben Dank @SteveAdamo

Ich bin höllisch nervös wegen der Veröffentlichung… es ist mein erster Roman, da ich noch einige Ideen auf Lager habe, könnten es durchaus mehr werden, aber das wird die Zukunft zeigen.

Jedenfalls arbeite ich schon an der Übersetzung ins Englische […]

Besonders spannend finde ich das mein Buch rechtzeitig fertig geworden ist um an den Deutschen Kindle Storyteller Awards 2015 teilzunehmen, so kann ich möglicherweise mal sehen wie ich gegen andere Schriftsteller so abschneide.

Dies ist ein Aufruf an alle Deutschsprechenden in diesem Form, welche gewillt sind einem neuen Autor eine Chance zu geben und abenteuerlastige Science Fiction mögen: Bitte geht das Risiko ein und lest es, bewertet es ehrlich und gebt mir Rückmeldung, da ich gerne meine Fähigkeiten verbessern und ausbauen will.


i may have to get this book when the english translation comes out.

also, if you like i could page some of the german users for you, to see if they could take a moment of their time to check this out. (unless @SteveAdamo objects)


Well… sure go ahead - thanks :smile:

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Progress progress: got my own authors page now on Goodreads!



woops, i saw this post but forgot to page them :neutral_face:

and now i cant remember the names of them :expressionless:

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Yay I did stuff :stuck_out_tongue:

Here is a blog posting, wrote it once in German:

and once in English:

Oooh also I wrote something up as synopsis replacement.
Please fellow writers with the superpower of “German” do read this and tell me what you would like changed (also when its final I promise I’ll do an English translation and post it here):


Okay so as promised this is the English translation of what I use as book description on Amazon:

The following short story is not an excerpt from the book, but shall help the prospective reader to tune in to the mood of the book.

“Finally!” is the thought that crosses my mind, as I draw the flat clothes bag from its storage compartment of the shuttle. Tightly packed together with the other passengers, everyone tries to prevent too much damage, while dressing up with the parade uniforms made especially for this moment. I nearly rip of one of the epaulettes and barely stifle a laugh at the extremely silly sight we are offering. But as I think of what lies behind the airlock and the true scope of our mission, the same sincerity that reflects on the faces of my mates is taking hold of me.
A loud medley surrounds us, as we exit the airlock and quite momentarily we are split up and allocated to our respective marching groups.
Its a mixture of carnival and military parade being celebrated, but I ain’t seeing much of it as we are walking our given route. I smile and wave alongside the others into the cameras flying all around and between us.
My way ends after just a few minutes and I turn around and bow, before entering the quiet chamber before me. A mechanical voice booms: "Please undress your clothes and take a comfortable lying position on the safety lounger."
And while I already feel how the cryogenic liquid is streaming along my limbs, my final thought is “This will be the adventure of my life!”


awesome! you’ve managed to get me hooked with only that little bit :smile:

Ha very good! I gotta get the German print version ready, then I’ll take care of getting the English translation completely done.
Its gotta have quite some kinks and edges still though, as I am quite definitely not a native English speaker or rather writer, but hopefully I will have some folks helping me out on google docs. So I promise that I will update it regularly until the only remaining weakness will be the story itself and not grammaticklish annoyances.


Guys, guys, hey guys!
Look I got a cool cover

Well and a new avatar also of course :smiley:


So. Many. Words!

The translation is done soon though and if all works out as planned I’ll release next sunday :cold_sweat:


I missed this originally congrats on the book release!


Well folks apparently I managed to publish it on Amazon.

So if you like yourself some fast paced sci fi get your fix from me and buy buy buy!


woot woot! congratulations mate! :tada::confetti_ball:

[quote=“PDanford, post:14, topic:16018”]
So if you like yourself some fast paced sci fi get your fix from me and buy buy buy!
[/quote]hopefully i’ll be able to get it soon!

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Congrats on the publishing of the book both in German and English!

Hope to pick it up once I actually have some money ^^


Aaaaaaah read faster people. Not a single review yet!

Runs around in circles


i would read it but,

[quote=“LlywMiner, post:16, topic:16018”]
Hope to pick it up once I actually have some money ^^
[/quote]thats my current problem… no money to spend on myself right now :disappointed:

Well for all the people that have only little money to spend: I am publishing in 3 stages. The book in its current state is like the “Alpha” version. So as soon as enough improvements have been made I’ll advance it to stage 2.

This is important because I’ll do a giveaway for at least a day to celebrate that step.
Depending on the feedback that will be in about 1-3 months time.

Same thing for stage 3, which will be the version I consider final and will be accompanied by the release of the print version, and of course see a free giveaway of the ebook.

Its imperious for me to find a friendly dialogue with my readers, because I am new to all of this! I have been writing just for and by myself and now really want to know how to improve my skills. Because frankly I know there is such a huge amount I still have to learn to become better!

In the meantime I hope my novel will be able to entertain some people as it is.
If you cannot afford it right now, just wait a bit and you’ll get a chance on getting it for free and if you miss that when it happens I promise to find a way to fix you up with a copy :slight_smile:


though free is always awesome, i would rather support you in the further development of your book :wink:

thinking about it, i might be able to get your book for christmas…