Winter is Coming

NED! NED STARK! NEEEEED! NED STARK! Seriously though, seasons. Actually I think we hit seasons yesterdau with paypal, but now that shiny 380 is staring us in the face. Which means we will it 400k co-op in about an hour. Good job team.

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I believe this deserves some kind of dance.

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if i werent so terribly exhausted from actually reading the books, i would be more inclined to dance at the good news, and the awesome reference… as it stands now, i need a nap… :wink:

I really want to see alt planes, starting with the underground and going astral from there. If anyone has read the Dresden Files series, something like the Nevernever would be really cool in that the planes don’t necessarily overlap perfectly and distance isn’t linear, would be a total pain in the ass to try to write though.

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Well you can expect a big jump after 400K as well as a lot of people are waiting for the co-op goal. I think something like 700K final is not impossible. Anyway, let’s see the new stretch goals.

Now that we have winter… do we get snow bunnies?

700k is a lot tho, there are only 9 days left, sure there is a boost in the last days but not that much. I’m hoping for 600k.