[Con] Door Pathing Issue 4196

In my last two games in r196 iv’e run into an issue where workers refuse to use some doors.
they will not place beds and other objects inside some completed house.
it doesn’t happen to every door and all the houses have plenty of empty space around them.

yeah i have had issues with this as well. it seems the work will get done eventually. but lots of idle workers with a lantern here or the last few fence gates. etc…sometimes it helps if you place a stockpile closer to the area you are building.

I too have seen citizens refuse to enter buildings. Sounds like it might be the same bug as what is mentioned here:

I would say to the moderators to keep this bug report and don’t merge them, as this report only pertains to the door pathing / ghost workshop issue.

Interesting thought that is has to do with the doors. I have a building in a save that has two doors and they still will not enter the building (download link can be found in the linked post).