[Con] Assertion Failed .... 114 error Alpha 5 [moving fence/gate]

Summary: Second time it has happened. First time I had moved a fence picket in front of the other, however, this time I did nothing unusual or different that seemed to trigger the error. Once I click ‘ok’ on the error in windows (outside the game) [screenshot below] I get another error in game [copied below] **

||| UPDATE |||
I moved another placed picket fence and it set the event off again.

Steps to reproduce:
Possibly moving picket fences which have already been placed.

Notes: Pressing OK on the Error box brings the window up a second time, third, … fourteen etc trimes.

I could not get the errors from in game but they are most commonly:
stonehearth/components/ai/executionframe luac:510 (this line is repeated throughout 90+ errors on the red screen)
C++ Unknown exception
stonehearth/components/ai/execution luac:24: “stop” from “starting_thinking”

On a brown background error box:
as above (510 and C++ unknown exception) as summary
frame:luac:494 - in function < frame luac:487>
510 exit protected call
505 protectec call
196 run
225 execute
8 '_'
15 _call_run
285 xpcall

The game still runs, but some of the guys have frozen. Some others are still working and eating and functioning. All work stations still are running

I went to check if there was a windows error log i could post the text for but there was nothing I could find that came from Stonehearth

Can reproduce by moving gates or fence pickets

error message in windows
system information
error inside of game screenshot

Versions and Mods:
latest downloaded from steam
no mods

I’m getting the exact same assertion error.

Moving a Picket Fence or Picket Fence Gate once placed will cause it every time.

Note: Bad idea to save after the bug occurs. The save will be corrupt and unloadable.

Also, you can’t actually Undeploy a Picket Fence or Picket Fence Gate. You can toggle Undeploy on for the item, but nobody will come an collect it even if you have a stockpile set for “All”.

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