Bug Report [assertion failed] luac 280/117/70

[What happened]
I placed pre made dining house next to a stone wall and I started getting flooded with errors. Also tried destroying the building but my people couldn’t reach the table and chairs cause they tore the building down first and it wouldn’t allow me to rebuild a floor for my people to get them.

Sorry my screenshots are pretty blurry so ill type out what some of them say and also post the ss for you. Also since I am new I can’t post screenshots so I will upload it to another site and provide the link.


stonehearth/lib/build_util.luac:280 assertion failed
luac:117 attempt to index=field 'scaffolding_rgn
luac:70 assertion failed

Can you post which version of Stonehearth you are running on? You have so many errors in that screenshot that it covers up the version number in the top left!


I am running version Alpha 10.5

Sorry, that’s not the version I mean. There is a spot that says something like “Release 393 x64 build”. It’s in the bottom left on the first screen and while playing a game, it’s at the top left.

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Sorry for the late response it says Stonehearth 0.1.0 release-375 (x64) build