[Con] Altering Stockpile makes Class Items Unusable

Hello! Bug time!

So it seems that altering the stockpile, i.e. changing what can be put in one, makes the use of class items completely impossible. So what do I mean by this?

Create a standard, all-encompassing stockpile, and the workers will move all tools into it (in the beginning of the game, and otherwise). Now, if you go about and change any of the contents that can be put in the stockpile, you cannot touch the tools, unless they are moved into a new, default stockpile. Here’s a couple pictures to illustrate it, albeit poorly:

Here we have a knife, perfectly usable at my call. But, if I remove the ability for resources to be put in the stockpile (or literally change it in any way), you cannot toggle the knife anymore, until it’s moved to a new stockpile (by removing the current one, or hoping that the workers move it to a new one you create).

In the last picture I have my mouse hovering over the knife, but sadly, screencapping with steam doesn’t include the cursor. But believe me, it’s there.

You can avoid this by simply having the stockpile unaltered, or by making a separate one which is unaltered.

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Issue still applies in Alpha 4

Chaganging allowed items in stockpile has the effect that some items cant be stored anymore in the stockpile.
Items if noticed:spool of thread, rabbit toy, stack of stone bricks

Steps to reproduce:
make a stockpile
change the allowed items
change it back to all
let weaver spin some spool of thread

Expected result:
Weaver will store items in stockpile

Actual result:
Weaver does not store items in stockpile and places them on the ground instead. Ony a new stockpile solves the problem.

Alpha 7 r 183


Gonna revive this thread from the dead:

Still present in r293, at least for 'Rabbit Plushie Toy’

Only a stockpile that receives ‘ALL’ items will take it:

I’m bringing this up as items not in a stockpile cannot be sold.

Please post on any other items you’ve had this issue with!!!

There are some items like this that seem to be mis-categorized and won’t go into a stockpile unless it’s set to accept everything. The Fire Pit is another one of these.

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