[Con] Transparent Tools

so i just started on Alpha 3 and found that if you make the 1st stockpile for your villagers to place the stuff then go in and change it to just something else besides tools they become transparent i guess then if you get rid of said stockpile this will happen

but lucky i found a easy solution all you do is make a new stockpile with everything checked off then the villagers will moved it and it becomes not transparent


Excellent! I’ve definitely seen that, but hadn’t known exactly how to repro till now. @not_owen_wilson to the rescue!

If i had to take a guess, it’s because “tools” is not a toggle-able choice (or at least I don’t remember seeing them as such)? By default they are allowed in the stockpile but once the stockpile is updated it makes them as infidels and casts them unto a ghostly world?


yeah thats what i thought or some ghost is making fun of us
stares at @Ghost with burning eyes of fury

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You’ve said tools, but logs are resources and count, too.
I got this to happen when making the settlers to move things from one stockpile to another. All that was there became ghostly until placed in the new stockpile.

Except when all your stockpiles are specially designated and your tools are lost in oblivion. :wink:

Well until you distinguish a new stockpile, but then my food ends up in two places! :fearful:

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