Changing class on a full stockpile makes items stack

As said in the title when i changed a workers class it seems the tool just stacks on anything in the stockpile.

hmm… which class did you attempt to change the worker to?

Do you mean that if you change their class while walking through a stockpile they just drop their tool right there and it stacks on top of another item?

If so, then yes, that is a bug.

Right before this screencapture starts, I paused the game and demoted this person from carpenter to worker. They were carrying a log at the time. They froze up for a second, dropped the saw right there, then set down the log right on top of another one.

I think this is more related to a few really small stockpile issues. I frequently get multiple items (usually the same item stacked) in the same place in a stockpile.