[Con] Alpha 5, Build 1658 - Max_Level error

Note sure if this has been phoned in.

Title: Alpha 5, Build 1658 - Max_Level error

Reproduction Steps:
1.) Build town and promote a trapper
2.) wait until trapper levels.

Notes: It looks like this error pops up once the trapper, or any unit presumably, hit the max level and keep gaining exp. I usually get about 1 error every 30 seconds or so.


Version: Alpha 5, Build 1658

Mods: None.

System: Win 7, 4gb ram, nvidia 260M (Laptop)

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Did you by any chance save/load before this happened? If so, I think this might be fixed in the newest unstable version. Check and let me know.

The error actually says that the problem happens because the function “is_max_level” is missing from the trapper. This is something that might happen if the class controller got saved or loaded improperly.

It could be the case. I’ve had this same town for a while and just recently started throwing “assertion errors” upon loading. I think that save was slowly becoming corrupt. I will have to start a new town and re-confirm.

error while loading save:

Sorry about that but thanks a ton for the insight, @sdee!


Hm, yes, this assert is different from the MaxLevel error, though I suspect they both would have triggered on load. Let me move this second one to a new thread.

Definitely let us know how things are in the new build. :slight_smile:

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I get the same. A new error occurs with every trap he attends to. The errors just keep adding on. Alpha 5, most recent build. No mods. Win 7.


Is anybody encountered the same thing ?

A new line pops every approximately 30 sec.

It may come from Frogg amazing mod however … I was playing with it :smile:

Yup, I ran into it on a save I carried over from the previous build. Not sure if this helps at all.

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Thanks !

I searched for trapper max level and did not found your topic :blush:

So found out too that it pops when the trapper gains XP and not regularly as first thought. I removed traps and the bug has disappeared since the trapper stopped killing those poor little creatures :smile:

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Hey guys, thanks for reporting that this is still happening. I thought I’d fixed this bug, but it turns out that it’s from deeper in the save/load code than I’d hoped. @ponder and I are looking at a fix for it right now, though as he’s a bit under the weather at the moment, it might be a while.

There’s a chance of it happening whenever you have a trapper, and save/load the game.


I found out that during the bug, I could demote the trapper trying to stop the max_lvl bug (which will generate another error of the demote function) and still continue to demote him an unlimited number of times … creating an infinity number of knives :smile: