Bug with Trapper zone

In game popup of coding error when trying to build road through trapper area. Reproducible.

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57ae6ba6-860e-11e3-9ebb-f46d04d2e758 is userid

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I’d upload the screenshot but I couldn’t, due to new user.

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screenshot of the errormessage or the errormassage and buildnumber whould be helpfull :wink: alternative imgr or flicker :wink:

@SteveAdamo could you change the settings for him? thx

dev buid is 2148 64 bit.

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I’m not sure what settings you’re referring to… but I can embed a screenshot if @trien were to provide a link (imgur.com is the typical site we refer folks to)… :+1:


I’m not signed up for it, but I can sign up for it here shortly. still working :smile:

sry i have thinked you can change him from basic to member so he can upload ^^ little fail :smiley:

Here is the attachment, I think it may of had other errors with it as well.

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thx this well the devs to find the issue :smiley: