COMODO just called on stonehearth.exe as malware !?

Plugging away on PC and Comodo pops up saying that E:\Steam\steamapps\common\Stonehearth\Stonehearth.exe is malware. Identified as Malware@#2nbl46ityu35n

I like to think I run a clean machine and have only had COMODO call out one other case of malware in many years show up - so I am not inclined to think that COMODO is being overly sensitive.

Needless to say I have cleaned it out.

Is this common? Just me?

Thanks for your input.

Some Steam users have been reporting this recently and apparently it’s only happening for Comodo antivirus.

I think Steam scans our files before uplaoding them, so there’s no doubt that this is a false positive.

You’ll need to set an exception for Stonehearth on Comodo, and mark it as false positive.


thank you for the quick reply Relyss! I will do this thing!

Thank you for the great little game you are making here - cant wait for it to be the game it will become.



When this happens, quarantine the file. Go to the file infections detected, restore Stonehearth.exe from quarantine.
To the question “Would you like to exclude this file for your next analysis” click on YES

I would suggest using malwarebytes to scan the file, it kills malware with FIRE

not saying it is malware though, its probably a mistake.