AVG stopped the game first startup

This is what was shown the first time I run the game in 732.
It is in portuguese:

"Software analizer

One of your programs have a strange behavior, which can be a sign of malware.

Path: C:…
Infection: IDP.Generic

Auto correct


I selected ignore in the dropdown menu and the game run fine.

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Another false positive :confused:

Thanks for the heads up.

Do you know which specific file it was complaining about?

I’m having a hard time finding the history log…

After searching a little online, I was directed into one of the av system folders. I searched there for “stonehearth” but found nothing. The closest matching I get is this file
idpluascript.log (22.0 KB)
which I can’t make sense of its contents, but I’m posting it anyway.

For this new version (737) it didn’t stopped the game, just slowed it down for a few scans, showing a different popup.

It suspected the file and did an auto quick scan on it.
After that it showed a message saying the file was ok. And started scanning a second file:

As before, it passed the scan and the game automatically started after that last popup.

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