Community Translations: Volunteers (Overview)

Greetings everyone !

I’ve been playing Stonehearth for quite a while now and I’m loving it so far.

So I’ve been wondering, how can I contribute to the game ?

I stumbled upon this thread and thus I’m ready to start translating this game into french whenever it’s needed.

  • Arkhana -

heyho for this ask at best @Estiva or help on the githbub version GitHub - Benjamin124/startermod_locale_fr: A mod adding French language to stonehearth.

@Wiese2007 ty :slight_smile:

@Arkhana yes you can join french translation team, more info at :

you can add Estiva as friend on Steam for details, cu ; )

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I would love to help with spanish translation, nowadays “professional” translation companies rarely bother with real proper translation and do not care for the lore of the game while fan communities does.

I can help translate the game into spanish the only problem I have is I do not own the game yet, so I would not be able to proofread the translated things in-game

Heyho sry without the game no translation - you need the files to translate iand make an mod so that everybody can use it .- you can only try to find a player who helps you and give you the files or buy the game.

I would like to help with the translation to Brazilian Portuguese. It is my main language, and I have Intermediade Level English according to a few test I made on apps and online.
I’m just not aware of how to work with the volunteers and with the mod/translation.
Are there any groups on Discord or Skype I have to join to help? How can I help?

here a link to the translation Brazilian Translation (PT-BR/PT-PT) Alpha 24

I can help for the french translation ! :slight_smile:

just look on github :wink:

Made some changes to ai.json and data.json on GitHub.
Would like to also get my name on the @voxel_pirate’s list of volunteers, in case Radiant Entertainment needs a group of volunteers to translate the game.

have add you to the list but im not in the github group :wink: for this is @Estiva the contact person xD

Typical to see that there are so many dutch translators and no dutch translation yet xD. Well you can add me to the Dutch translation pool ^^

As dutch is my main language

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hi all, I’m an Italian guy who has been playing this game for a while, I saw that there are no Italian translations in the workshop. I unfortunately do not understand how to translate the game but if there is someone who is interested I can help with the translations making myself available. I do this because the game is worth and it is a pity that younger Italians who do not know English can not fully enjoy the game experience. I wish you a good continuation and if someone is interested, write to me in some way


For your reference if you decide to do this by yourself. :sunglasses:


thanks, but if there is a chance I would like the translation to be accessible to everyone. In addition, with guidance, I am a disaster on this topic. I can simply make myself available in case there is need for Italian translation. Thanks again


Hi, I would like to help with the Dutch translations, but I don’t know anything about modding. Could you maybe get me an English document or spreadsheet i could translate to dutch so I don’t have to mod. Or is it so easy that I can learn it two ;).


heyho i have maked an manual for translation ^^ First Steps for Translation

the document you will find in every smod under locales - and you need to mod ^^ because i think you will need perhaps to change the fonds ^^


I think I could help with Polish translation too. :slight_smile:

Hi! I am translating Stonehearth (v1.00) into Czech! :smile: Someone who would like to help me? (everyone who can speak,write czech) :smiley:

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I retired, but I found a successor so Japanese mod is alive.