Community Gaming Time!

Until we have something a bit more organised in the works, feel free to discuss, meet up, or organize gaming with each other in this thread.

While I agree, let’s not start on that topic.

We could all easily get together and have a community game night for the Discourse. Perhaps find a random TF2 server, or another game (preferably a free one so everyone can join in).

I’d love to dominate Steve.

Actually I wanted to know if any of you were into Battlefield! PM me if you’re getting the fourth.

Definitely [url] the majority of people seem to game on their PC [/url]. I was thinking of perhaps either keeping a community gaming thing casual, or if people want it, something a bit more competitive.

But we should organise something!

I ensure you, he is most willing.

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as @Geoffers747 mentioned, we could/should definitely organize something for the community… would be a blast!

and i’d love to see you try, sister…

Actually I’ve had an itch to play some minecraft if anyone has a server


minecraft would be great. I dont have a server tho

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Potentially some cube world too? I would be more than happy to let my potentially stalker-bot online friends into my computer and home network!

Somehow, this has gone completely off-topic of the original idea. I request a… NAME CHANGE… gasps all around.

Anyway, BF4 would be cool, but it’s not something I would play on my PC. Rather on my Xbox.

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it has, hasnt it… perhaps a generic thread about “let’s game”? folks can chime in when/if they have a server to join, game to play, etc.?

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Perhaps Stonehearthians vs. The World? :smile:

Are we able to post a video that might be offensive (i.e. language) if it is pretty funny?

Well, it wouldn’t be offensive to me, unless it started spouting about the atheistic tendencies of blah, and then the harsh and unforgiving Christian/Jewish/Muslim ways of blah.

It depends how ‘offensive’ it might be deemed I suppose, ultimately you can post it, and if we feel it’s in bad taste/ too offensive then we’ll ban your account and destroy all traces of you just remove it.

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a good rule of thumb is, if its PG, it’s probably ok… we are, after all, trying to foster a “family friendly” community here… :wink:

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Which one of you is the mother then? Or are you fostering because you can’t have your own…? :smile:

Who’s up for some Cube World tonight?
Or maybe some Civ 5?

If I can get Ciz 5 reinstalled and updated in a timely manner I may be up for this, that all depends on how distracted I get by this bit of Torquescript I’m working on though… I’ve been pretty engrossed since GG made Torque2D open sourced.

i like civ 5 !! anyone play blood bowl ? we could a have a Stonehearth league…

Would love to play some civ 5, dont have brave new world though :/.

I thought everyone knew we were called Stoners. @Geoffers747 should never’ve suggested that for it truly shall haunt us until the end of days.

Civ 5 however would be cool, just remember that not everyone will have the dlc/expansion packs and that mac/win aren’t always compatible for multiplayer due to lag in release of patches. I’ve also been on a bit of a civ 4 binge lately and remembering why it was the best civ game released by a large amount, don’t completely discard it as an option. It’s cheaper, faster, bigger, and unless civ 5 has had some major updates since I last tried the multiplayer is much more reliable and faster.

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