Command Dump_inaccessible_items no longer available?

why has this command been removed? just curious. I’ve always found it to be useful when the game gets too sluggish to dump all items the hearthlings can’t access to speed things up a bit again. I’ve found myself in a situation where i think i need this command and it’s gone :confused:

It’s done automatically on reload now.

oh? so they removed the manual option and now just force us to sit there while waiting for a reload? :confused:

It shouldn’t be necessary in the first place. Keeping it on reload is just a safety measure. If you reload, do you actually see items dumped at your banner?

what might this be then? because i’ve reloaded multiple times on this save since i first spotted these out in the distance and I can’t figure out what these things are supposed to be. I can assume they’re failed placed objects that are meant to be placed on the ground by a hearthling but I can’t figure it out.

Inaccessible items are not in the world at all, so you would not be able to see them, other than after they are dumped.

The footprints in your screenshot are purely visual previews of fixtures from the building editor. I believe these are no longer generated in incorrect locations but old saves or old templates may still retain them.

ooooooooooooooh that makes sense then. can I assume we’ll be seeing further stability improvements then in the coming days? because i can definitely say i’ve seen improvements already. the inaccessible items thing was an annoyance and definitely slowed the game down when there was enough of them. but since you say they just automatically drop at the flag now that should fix a few problems. now I’m able to get up to 30+ hearthlings with little slow down but i’m almost at 40 hearthlings now and its chugging like crazy again, at least when playing at full speed lol.