Comfy Beds=no rest

The title pretty much says it all. My village is around 22 people and about 18 of them have comfy beds instead of the mean bed. With the Alpha 8 starting today I noticed that most of the Hearthlings complain about sleeping on the ground when they wake up. Even though they have all been sleeping in their nice comfy bed. After 2 days of this everyone started to fall asleep where they stood and have ZZZ’s over their head. I was in the process of changing beds back to the mean beds when it crashed on me. I will have to pull up the old save tomorrow.

it sounds like you are perhaps using a game from the unstable build (or perhaps even Alpha 7)?

if so, it is best to start with a completely new game with each new Alpha release (until such time as the team mentions this is no longer a best practice)…