Combat Lag Spikes

While playtesting A17 D3023 x64, I frequently encounter severe lag spikes while entrenched in larger skirmishes. This happens both during the day and at night. I don’t know if the larger total number of combatants is the cause, or what, but I didn’t have this problem when a) my town was smaller (less overall population), b) my military was smaller (fewer Hearthlings fighting) or c) when the quantity of hostiles were smaller.

Feels like an AI performance tuning issue. I’ve included a Perfmon-enabled screenshot while in the midst of lag in case the additional data is helpful:

If you have the save where this combat is taking place, that would be very helpful!
Perfmon is … poorly named. It’s actually more like memory monitor because it isn’t too tied to performance.
If I have the save, I can run it through our profiler and figure out what the bottle neck is.
Thanks for reporting this!

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Hey @yshan. Sure! I have a save that’s mid-heavy combat where two or three of my hearthlings are about to bite it because of poor AI choices. :stuck_out_tongue: But that should be sufficient for profiling this issue.

Here ya go:

Sidenote: pay no attention to scaffolding error. I console destroyed some scaffolding earlier on because it wasn’t getting torn down properly (known issue right now). So I’m not surprised the game hates me a little for that now.