Combat - Damage receive causing lag

This happened the other day, while I was testing out the game for the first time.

The game had started to lag a bit (Probably from me being a noob by having multiple buildings being built, and having pathfinding and lua taking its toll).

However; during an invasion, I witnessed noticeable lag spikes / pauses whenever my footmen received damage, and the orange pixel splash appeared.

It didn’t happen when they blocked or dodged, which might indicate that the damage calculation and/or the splash effect takes a bit of processing power (On an already starting to lag game).

Dishing out damage to enemies was fine, just receiving it was a problem.

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Can confirm! Very clearly visible in the attached video at 45:40—note that it does indeed not happen when blocking.

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I really like that you have videos in a lot of your posts.
I would do that if I wasn’t incredibly lazy and watch a tantamount of (omitted) while I play. (When I play hard, I play hard)

But yeah, catching a pause with a screenshot doesn’t do it justice, I think I’ll start recording gameplay :stuck_out_tongue:

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I find it helps a lot :slight_smile: it makes it easier for the developers to figure out how to repro these bugs, I imagine, especially when the player him-/herself doesn’t know precisely what caused it. I will say that it’s a bit of a shame that I can’t listen to music while playing, because of the sound being recorded :stuck_out_tongue:

Looking forward to seeing your videos, if you do in fact start making them!

Incidentally, do you remember if your footman was using a shield at the time you noticed this, like the one in my video?

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I don’t really remember now, but since it was one of the first towns, it could be 50/50. But I do mention them blocking so I think it’s safe to assume they had shields. (it would be crazy to block with your hands!)

But I can confirm that it doesn’t happen with shields as I’ve still run into this performance issue in more recent games.

I suppose you might have been talking about parrying, which is pretty much blocking with your sword. Not sure if they do that and whether the animation inspires usage of the word “blocking” :smile:

You mean that it still does happen with shields, right?

It happens if they’re holding a shield and take damage. Not when they block damage with a shield.
Sorry that I confused you haha.

I always equip my dudes with shield straight up now.

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