Collecting 5 Modders


Hey everyone, i am collecting a group of modders on Skype so we can create some amazing things in a more organized environment. new classes, items, spells, etc. if you are interested please add me on skype at Starcat42.

hopefully you have a mic :smile:


best of luck with your project! any hints as to the objectives/themes for the mod?


Hello, and thanks. no objectives yet, it depends on who the modders are, as each person has their own specialties and interests. but i want to get a group of people to create Premium quality work that people will be dying to use.


I don’t know code, but I can pump out models quickly that are of good qualtity


add me on skype pandemic, starcat42


I could make some stories for any drops in dungeons, or writings (i’m good at the medieval/fantasy writings, and writings that need an atmosphere to them) but i’m useless for models, pm me if you need a story. I don’t have a skype, and if you need a previous work i can pm you it.


I might be able to help a little when you get a bit closer to making it. I can make models and I reckon I’m not too bad with lua.


Just post on the forums for ideas. From what I can gather you’re making a group to think up and create a mod, why not just think up the idea first and then post and see whose interested in the idea? It helps guarantee that they’ll actually be interested as they know what it is before hand and it allows for more than just the 6 to help with ideas, maybe you’ll overlook something major e.g. the tribal mod and they didn’t think of having the markings matter more than a class distinguisher until I suggested it. Just saying really though that making a team for a mod without any idea of what you make doesn’t seem like the most well thought out plan.


we are creating premium content. Teams usually use Skype . forums are way too slow if you want to get anything done. plus we dont want to make it public until its finished.


I completely disagree. Content can be great but if it’s not what a community wants then no one will use it, having community input could be very valuable in the long run, sure it’s slower but it gives modders more time to consider flaws and errors in the ideas and concepts they have in there minds already, just because something is unusual or slower doesn’t mean it is always worse.

And the whole “Plus we don’t want to make it public”, is one of the worse decisions to make. If no one knows about what content modders make there no hype to it, much like games something good and become great if it has people behind it.

BTW I do not have skype.


Thats like saying No one will take a look at froggy’s content because no one got to see it before it was done. people would be just as interested in what he created because it looks awesome, if they got to see it during the creation process or not. look at “The Matrix” for a long time the only commercial is “what is the matrix…coming soon” and everyone saw that movie. no one said “oh hell no im not going to see the matrix because they didn’t make it public” thats an extreme example but thats my point. if people want to look at it when its done then thats fine. not every artist needs approval from the community to create something they like. if they love it then great. if they dont, they dont.


I don’t mean it need approval. A community input can be a very strong asset regardless, ideas, suggestions, ways to improve and such. Giving bit and pieces to the community so that they can get excited about the content being created, Stonehearth itself has proven that showing you are making something with small minimal glances every now and again like Desktop Tuesdays and livestreams of development to continue to get a community going and excited. Even then we can’t do anything but brainstorm and show off the model assets until the beta of retail game is released, so really there is no point in keeping it to ourselves.

Voxel models are a very different idea completely, People like @Froggy and @TobiasSabathius and even myself are making these models because we enjoy what we are doing and we want to share the enjoyment and hopefully inspire people to further the game community as a whole… not to mention it is very hard to show off a voxel model before it’s finished because it might not look anything like it did before.


these forums are just one way of doing things. i am doing things another way.


Fair enough, though we did just have a meaninful debate in less than 6 minutes on the forum… thats pretty fast :smiley:


Imagine the debate we could have had over skype with microphones in 6 minutes :slight_smile:


It’s chalk and cheese chaps. @Legacytcg has a plan, there is no reason why it will not work, and I wish him luck with it. I however will use these forums to bounce ideas off of people as @Pandemic suggests.

Plus I live for @SteveAdamo’s gushings xD


Thanks mr frog. and yes i have a plan. that doesnt mean i wont use the forums. but the team will do the majority of the work behind the scenes. and present it when its ready to be presented =^…^=


That’s kind of my point, what is you plan? all we know is that there will be a mod and that skype will be used to communicate at some point. There isn’t anything to make me interested in that, with me as the example I nearly always wouldn’t agree to help something unless I at least have some idea of what I’m helping. If you gave at least more precise than “new classes, items, spells, etc.” it would be helpful as it that tells exactly nothing as it could cover everything from minor reskins to total conversions that turn the game into sci-fi tbs/tetris hybrid. Particularly with the game being in it’s early stages the only thing you can do is make models and plans and hope they don’t break anything so more people to stop potential flaws is a good thing.