Climbing Animation

I know this was mentioned, but it hasn’t been acknowledged since Alpha 4! We need a CLIMBING ANIMATION!!! Why? Just cause. Hearthlings shall no longer be magically uplifted by a mysterious force while their arms and legs are swinging carelessly. If Tom has forgotten this, it could pose serious problems in the future. Example(Game Review): “-98747857685768/10 since dere is no climb animation.” -Bill Billson 2026. Please Radiant, you are our only hope!


hahaha… wow, such delicious passive aggressiveness … :smile:

love the release/review date… :wink:


From what I’m aware of its really not hard to make nor implement…
It’s probably just 1 of those simple task on their list to do that they keep thinking “eh I’ll get to it tomorrow”

^^ yes its not hard to implement but very hard to create this animation :wink: for example Tom worked 2 hours only for an armswing … and the basic swing he has only copied from another file … here he must do lots of animations (foots, legs, arms etc.) -> Sooo i think he will do this but first after alpha10 … at the moment they have other mainissues like multistorying or water :wink:

I don’t think this is so easy of a task

I think the pathfinder just says “you can go this way!” so i don’t think hearthlings have a ‘climbing state’

i would be happy to make the climbing animation for Radiant if they’d like me to, but i have no idea how that thing should even work

while a climbing animation would prevent the current “sliding up/down” stairs we have now, it seems like a difficult thing to perhaps pull off, given how compact the units are, as well as their lack of … complete appendages… :smile:


I don’t think that a climbing animation in itself is hard (I’ve done plenty for video games and gave a Hearthling an animation as well), and putting it into the game probably won’t be difficult either though may take enough time to not justify it as any sort of priority…

But where do they stick the junk they are carrying? :confused:

I suppose it could just disappear for a moment then reappear when they get to the top, but I bet that causes all sorts of fun extra bugs.

Bob: “What happened to the wood I asked you to get?”

Merl: "Well, you see… i had them… then when i climbed the ladder…

Merl points to the sky where a hundred logs lazily floated along the wind current

Bob: “…”


well hearthlings do have backpacks… thats why they are able to carry more than one item when looting.

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Yeah, they’d probably just do the same as when they’re looting and ‘store’ it in their back pack then after they’d try to unload everything in their backpack again.

How about they replace ladders with firemen’s poles - that way the sliding animation makes sense* and they can save time by not having to animate :wink:

* at least in one direction

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9 replies in one day…

Yes, and it was accidental! I don’t like editing comments.


True, true. Though he did make a few changes and tests that didn’t really matter. (No offense)

But if there isn’t a climbing state, what script allows them to go up?

Dangit, Stonehearth…

Magical pockets.

No, they don’t!
Backpack: (Craftable by Weaver)
2 Leather
2 Thread

We need a mod that can “accidentally” start a fire in a poor hearthling’s house.

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yes they do, atleast they used to, though it isnt visible.


How bout just make stairs… or an elevator.
Boom, problems solved. Step into elevator, doors close, step out. NO ANIMATIONS =D

They don’t (as far as i can guess)

the pathfinder is just telling the hearthlings "you can move vertically here"
powered by the fact that there is no gravity physics for the hearthlings that keep them on the ground, they’re literally just movin in a road that points up

but that’s all my ‘guessing’ so i could be wrong


But thr backpacks are only for storing thongs! :blush:


Modern Mod. We need fridges, how has the jerky not spoiled?

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Yes, yes… The grammar is gon

Salt, lots of salt.
Also you can make a hydraulic elevator… or maybe a life of sorts.