Cleric's Healing Can Hurt Undead

In some older RPG games, “healing” an undead would actually hurt them. Well with this game being inspired by older games, I felt it would only be fitting.


+1 would like to see this. i think it fits well.
Clerics already start hitting with their books when there is no one to heal. if the enemy is undead they could start “healing” them instead. and ofc the aoe heal also damage undead ^¢^


But then the undead need a buff, they are already to weak :frowning:

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well i found andead quite powerfull actually. they came in great numbers and did a lot of damage. Yes they are slow but make up with that with damage. And since your hearthlings are not as smart to kite strong mobs i think they might only need a slight buff if this would be a real thing. i think i little bit more hp should do the trick.

Yep. They definitely need a buff.I really would like to see them being a real organized fraction at some point. Like if a demonic overlord or a vampire or a cultist is leading an undead army at some point, attacking you with great numbers and different undeads/demons.

Furthermore, heal should hurt undeads and with the buff of the undead, a cleric is a must once undeads start attacking you, because the heal of clerics can damage them pretty much. Another option would be, that the heal gives undeads a serious debuff, that reduces their armor by 50%. That means, undeads should have heavy armor (i mean we all know that undeads die really hard unless you behead them) and thanks to the heal, your soldiers can literally shred through them. :slight_smile:


The Undead don’t need a buff just a probability (read as saving throw) too see if the Healers faith was enough to affect them.

I think the buff was mentioned because they are already to weak now and if there awere additional mechanics like damage/debuff through heal, they would become entirely useless. I really never had any trouble dealing with undeads, not even in the sligtest. They really could use a buff. :slight_smile:

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I’d say the opposite should be true – they should get a saving throw against normal weapons (except perhaps blunt weapons), since there’s a good chance that a blade will simply glance off, or even strike into empty space if a skeleton is the target!

Magic attacks (including the cleric’s faith-based auras) wouldn’t allow the saving throw though, since they’re working on the energy that keeps the undead alive rather than attacking its (already somewhat irrelevant) body systems.

That would buff the undead slightly against footmen (so there’s a good reason to keep a footman with a blunt weapon around), and especially against archers and knights who only have piercing and bladed attacks; but it would also mean that players are likely to use their clerics more aggressively rather than just leaving them well behind the fight to heal up the other soldiers.

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The necromancer could have a death aura that heals undead but hurts the living.


Yeah, something like this, as “counter” for the healing, nice one

I love this idea, although I think it should be a little smaller in area than the cleric’s AoE heal/damage undead – large enough that undead fighting beside the necromancer will be a real threat and you won’t want to send in a single footman or knight just to tie them all up; but not so large that you can’t get close to the necromancer to deal with them.

I think that if the necromancer gets an AoE attack, then the Cleric should also get a powerful “smite” attack that only works against undead and possibly demons (if any of them show up in the future…) so that we have a quick way to get rid of a necromancer if we can get the cleric into smiting range.

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