Clay roofs bugging out

so i tryed building a clay house by designing it myself but the roof bugs out for some reason
Steps to reproduce:

  1. design building
  2. place roof
  3. get way to big roof

Expected Results:
i would like a normal roof
Actual Results:
way to big roof


Version Number and Mods in use:
stonehearth 0.19.0 (release) 687 x64 build
System Information:

hey there @Joost, welcome to the discourse :smile:

well that’s definitely strange… could you click on the “overhang” tab under slope/direction to see if it’s turned on for some reason?

Ah yes thanks for some reason the overhang was set to 7 putting it back to 1 fixed it thanks!

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glad to hear that’s all that was the problem :smile:

though it is strange that it set itself to 7 for no apparent reason… :thinking:

indeed it is that was the first house i designed with the rayya’s children but atleast its fixed

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