Clay market stall for potter

It makes sense that since the ascendcy has a stall made by the carpenter to bring in traders, Rayya’s children should have a stall for the potter. Plus since Rayya’s children is a town of trade and commerce it makes some sense for them to have one. Just my two cents, amazing job so far on the game TR!!! keep doing what you guys do best!


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since they specialize in trading it makes more sense for Rayya’s Children to have a trading stall then for Ascendancy to have one, in my opinion…


Yup, agreed! A clay market stall craftable by the potter will be included in the next build.


I wonder if there will be something to make the children bother to get the carpenter or the ascendancy to get the potter. Just hoping the potter will not become a “clay carpenter”.


That’s indeed great news!

While we’re at it, I’d like to make a bit of a reminder about my post I made in regards of the market stall a few days back, as this seems like a relevant good time and place to put this.

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