Clay bricks lying around

Soo As i was playing the game i noticed that clay bricks doesn’t get stored anywhere. Not even in stockpile area.
Steps to reproduce:
1)Set potter to produce clay bricks
2)He makes them.
3)He left them lying around.

Expected Results:
Clay bricks stored in designated area.
Actual Results:
Bricks lying all over the place


Version Number and Mods in use:
519 X64 Noone mod
System Information:
Win 10


It doesn’t have a category yet? In this case, just add a stockpile with no filter that allows everything and they should add to it.

Thank you this works fine.

Since we are on the subject of uncategorized items, baskets of rotten food are also uncategorized. This can be fun when you want to undeploy a container. You simply can’t do so, because uncategorized items are allowed to be stored in a container that has no filters enabled.

@jomaxro Should this get its own topic?


Maybe a topic similar to the “build they don’t build”, like item they don’t store.

Well, in my case, they DO store uncategorized items in crates with nothing enabled. But yes, how about “Uncategorized items cause storage problems”?

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Sounds like something to ask @yshan. I think a “items with incorrect properties” could be a nice thread, handle issues like trading, storage filters, iLevels, damage, damage reduction, collision regions, etc. Pretty much anything in the items json file that needs adjustment.


Beside clay bricks not having any category, some others are very messed up. Wheat, flowers and silkweed fiber are all included into the Fiber category, This makes segregating three production lines, textile, food and healing a bit difficult. (And don’t forget the trees!)
You can also see that the only cooked food with that tag only is the animal feed. Hearthling food share the food container, which can be also an ingredient for cooking, and cooked food tags… dinning room and kitchen must be close by then…
Then there is the problem with carpenter, mason, weaver and for some items from the blacksmith. In this case what is shared is the container for what they produce, furniture, weapons, armor and so on. May be it would be a nice idea to include material in the sorting. And change some tags, I think the bird bath is stored with the courtains/flags.
Actually it is a bit of fun to juggle with the stockpiles :smiley: But when they have a little time, sorting them out would really be appreciated.

Have fun, Kyth.
Ps: You can always keep everything in the centre :wink: (joking)


Another problem I have with clay bricks lately aside from no stockpiles for them is that the hearthlings are leaving unused stacks of them on the roofs of finished buildings and even in window frames after the windows are placed. This most noticeably happened last night on a brand new Rayya’s Children game start with the default ‘shared housing’ building. They took the scaffolding down and left several piles of bricks up there. I put a ladder to the roof to see if they’d go collect them but they never did. I think this has been an ongoing intermittant problem for awhile but this is the first I’ve seen it again myself.

I would eventually like to see a way to organize stockpiles from the overall town inventory menu so you can see all stockpiles (with unique renaming of stockpiles) and what they are restricted to hold. This is the type of management level you see in Dwarf Fortress and Rimworld and a game as complex with items and storage as Stonehearth really does need it so you can clean up and organize better.

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Yeah. My wife ran into this the other night too. It all comes back to the order of precedence, and Hearthlings not owning dependent build tasks.


  1. I need to build a ladder to reach this spot.
  2. I need to grab some wood and keep building in that spot.
  3. I’m done building in this spot, so this ladder can be removed now.

The way the game works now, you will likely get 3 different hearthlings assigned to each of those three steps. This almost always leads to ladders being removed before the hearthling in step 2 has had a chance to come down. And what happens when hearthlings can’t find a stockpile to place items (like wood) in their backpacks? They empty them on the ground wherever they are.

So my guess is that a hearthling gets stranded on the roof, can’t find the stockpile, empties their backpacks, then another ladder gets built by another hearthling as part of construction, and the stranded hearthling uses it to eventually escape, leaving the wood behind. Then, before the wood can be retrieved by another hearthling, the ladders are all pulled down. Bob’s your uncle: rooftops littered with spare wood.


Filters for various things seem to be off or not included beyond all. --_–

Namely the clay bricks mentined, but I am wondering what the cooked food category is for. As nothing seems to go into a stockpile with that. Not to mention it seems food only goes into the food container marked stockpiles. So the only thing that seems to go into raw is… animal food.

Haven’t noticed much beyond those… Didn’t I mention that in a few posts already about clay bricks along with someone else about 519 still being clay brick not filtering beyond all… I guess it doesn’t hurt as it is something I am sure will be sorted, but definitely well needed. I don’t understand why there is a food container category… What is that suppose to mean anyway.

Count me in as somebody who would really love to get a patch ASAP letting me filter bricks and rotten food.

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