Clay and bricks in wrong storage category

First of all, I appreciate the differentiation between stones and clay when organizing storage space. But the first thing I noticed about that is the fact, that it doesn’t work, as clay and clay bricks are still considered stones. ^^

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Mine some clay and stone (optionally have your potter turn some of the clay to bricks)
  2. Create two storage areas - set one to accept only stone, the other to accept only clay
  3. Wait some time for the hearthlings to clean up

Expected Results:
Stones should be only in the stone storage, clay (and bricks) only in the clay storage.

Actual Results:
Both clay and stones are in the stone storage (bricks, too).

Additionally I think the category for clay should be renamed to “clay and bricks”, as I was pretty confused at first, where the bricks will be stored, since I couldn’t find any category for “building materials”. Though maybe that should be it’s own category again, assuming that the stone bricks will ever be used…?


Version Number and Mods in use:
Latest Alpha 14 Steam unstable branch: 0.13.0, dev-2786, x64, no mods, windowed.

System Information:
Win 10, x64


Interesting, sounds like something isn’t working quite right with @yshan’s new storage filters. Thanks for the report!


Adding on to this topic, a few other items where I noticed a wrong (or at least strange) category:

  • The stamina potion is somewhere in wealth (not sure, if it’s “gold” or “gems”), while I would have assumed it would also be in “healing items”
  • The “Golden Gourd Curry” is considered a “food container”, not a “cooked food”.
  • While I’m at it: freshly picked or harvested food (like corn, gourds or cactus pears) are considered “food containers”, too, while I would have assumed they’d be “raw ingredients”, but I can see why this category might be reserved for “not immediately edible things” like flour.

I have Release-504 and it seems like someone tried to fix it because the clay and stone go to their spot but Clay Brinks will not go anywhere.
The two storage areas are stone and clay. There are also chests around for every other filter and the Clay Bricks stay on the ground. The 2 with the loot symbol have been sitting for days.

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I can confirm the same as above, since now my clay bricks lay around my last building projects.

As you see in the pic above, it is a bit messy. I even reloaded the save just to make sure.

So looks like they are not in any specific category now. And also like the above person mentions clay and stone sort fine with their respective boxes.

Using the A14 504 version.

Still the case in the release edition. 518. I know it is minor, but would be nice to at least store the clay bricks without having to set stockpile to all. Figure I would mention it. :slight_smile: