Resources incorrectly flagged

Bug : Resources incorrectly flagged resulting in inability to correctly filter inventories.

Certain inventory items (such as piles of stone bricks) do not have flags determining their “type” at all. Thus, when creating an inventory (storage area) that you wish to ONLY store stone bricks, you cannot. Creating any storage area, and removing even ONE item from the selector of items it can store will make stone bricks no longer storable there. (They can only be stored if “all” is selected.) Similarly, things like “vegetable stew” are being flagged as “food containers” and not as “cooked foods”. Thus, moving cooked foods (only) into a “cafeteria” is not possible.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Select a storage area that has “stone bricks” and “vegetable stew” in it.
  2. Click “all”
  3. Unclick “cooked food”

Expected Results:
Only the vegetable stew should now be unselected for the inventory.

Actual Results:
Only the stone brick is now unselected for the inventory.

I’m sure this is just a simple reworking of the resource objects in the game. All of them could probably stand to be looked at again, as there’s equally unexpected behavior with “plants” and such as well.


Versions and Mods:
Release 453 (assume Alpha 11?) x64

System Information:

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453? We’re in 2617 right now, if you use the latest build.

453 is the stable A11 build :wink: