A problem i encountered (with solution)

So to start im on mobile so please forgive any misstypes. I kept encountering what i thought was a bug. I had my carpenter in queue to build several things and he just wouldnt get to work. I have 20+ hearthlings at this point so i lose track of them occasionally. Thinking this was a bug i saved and reloaded as this typically fixes the whole “all this stuff to do and im just sitting here idle”. I finally go up a couple floors to where i haf been working on decorating a wall with some decorative buttresses and there he was…half starved sleep deprived and half dead. He had climbed up to grab some resources and his compatriots had demolished the scaffolding behind him. This has happened to me twice more since. Easy enough to fix just by building ladders but if anyone else is having troubles with crafters not at their stations with workorders id do a roll count.

There have been more reports about the issue of workers removing scafolting while there are still resources or villagers that need the ladders of the scafolting

Yep. Known issue, unfortunately. Here’s my take on it: Clay bricks lying around