Classes: Herders and Craftsmen

Some class ideas for the game:

  • Woodworker
    This is the class before the carpenter. Can build simple things like wooden beds and things. Essentially is a rename of the current Carpenter.

  • Carpenter
    This class is unlocked when the Woodworker is given a Chisel. It can create more elaborate things such as ornate beds and chairs and tables.

  • Master Carpenter
    Available after the carpenter has crafted at least 500 elaborate items without failure. It crafts things quickly and also can craft barrels, small items as well as larger beds, tables etc. It is essentially a wheelwright, carpenter, woodworker and cooper in a single class.

  • Shepherd
    Give a trapper a crook to make him a shepherd. They keep sheep and goats and shear them.

  • Cowherd
    A shepherd levels up into a Cowherd. They can keep both sheep, goats and yaks and things. They milk yaks and goats and shear sheep and goats.

  • Swineherd
    You can also level a shepherd into a Swineherd. They keep only boars and other swines for meat.

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