Classes and Armour (Hero Character?)

From what I have gathered from different threads, we are expecting at least 2 ranged classes (3 if including Mage). After reading about different things I decided to make an actual account and post my thoughts.

First of all, ranged units shouldn’t be able to equip heavy armor, or there should at least have different types of armor classifications such as Light, Medium, and Heavy. Think of Light as [1], Medium as [2], and Heavy as [3]. Magic Users can only use [1] armor, Archers/Crossbowmen can use [1-2] armor, and Infantry (Footmen, Knights, whatever Infantry classes will be in the game) can use [1-3] armor. This will help balance the game, as a Mage in Heavy armor sounds way too overpowered and it would fit in with the training each class would have received, as Mages and Archers wouldn’t practice wearing Full Plate Mail while Knights wouldn’t practice/duel wearing a Cloth Shirt.

Following that, I believe I saw a thread showing a Weapon-Smith and Armor-Smith are planned classes for the future, so we should also have a Tailor which could be promoted from a Weaver, using a Tanning Rack or something else. This could produce scale armor, ogre hide armor, etc. to provide satisfactory defense for Archers while the Mage could have access to heavier robes to provide more defense.

I’ll just throw this in at the end, and compile some ideas about a Hero/King class people have been talking about.

First off, there should be no King. I believe that the towns we make should be thought of as the base in Dragon Age Inquisition (Except there wouldn’t be a King/ Leader.) You have a main base where you can forge new equipment, grow food, recuperate from losses, train troops, and recruit more people; where you are well respected and High Ranking Soldier and when Hearthlings fight within 3 blocks of your Hero Character during raids or defending the town, they gain a temporary [Inspired] trait giving them +10 courage while the Hero is within that range. This character should also be the only one to wear all armor/wield all weapons, as well as be customizable (You could have preset hairdos, face structures, etc. to make it easier).

Perhaps you can find different quality Settlers, maybe a roll happens when you get a new Settler*, Common being 60%, Uncommon 25%, Rare 7.5%, Epic 5%, and Legendary at 2.5%. Rare up to Legendary should have pre-chosen classes, but you have the same option to change them if the need arises. The Legendary Settler would still have their special trait, it just wouldn’t affect them, like if the Legendary Mage needed to be a Carpenter or Farmer for awhile, they could switch back to being a Mage and have no penalties, as in a loss of the trait.

Common Settlers would be normal ones that we get right now. Say, an Uncommon Settler might have a 5% bonus to build speed, while a Legendary Footman Settler might be able to wield a hand crossbow instead of a shield, enabling a ranged attack before getting into melee distance or have the same Inspire effect the Hero hearthling does, or a Legendary Archer would be able to wear heavy armor (These should be SOME of the traits, but there should be a pool to choose from for each rarity).

There should also be the option to have different people follow your Hero Character into Dungeons for Rare loot and materials, which would help gain them a certain amount of experience depending on the party size and enemies within the dungeon. For example, If a Dungeon had 5 goblins which you killed with a party of 2, 150 experience would be divided between them giving each 75 experience. You could also have a small chance of party members gaining special traits or bonuses after every 3-5 Dungeons, and these could max out at 3, and you would have the option to accept or deny the trait. For example, after 10 Dungeons with your Hero, a lvl 5 Footman gains [Fearless] trait which gives him +20 Courage, or [Well Muscled] giving him +3 Damage, which would help lessen the gap between a Common Footman and a Legendary Footman, aka the unlucky player and the lucky player.

Sorry guys, I got too excited and started rambling. It took me almost an hour to make my thoughts coherent on here.

Edit: Un-bolded about 80% of all words

Hey there @Ventus, welcome to the Discourse! Great ideas, but please ease up a little bit on the bold, it make it very hard to read :smile:.

@jomaxro I understand. It started as just important things, then snowballed and then I went back through it all to re bold words because I bolded them towards the end. lol