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iv always thought that a fisherman would be a awesome thing to have in the game as a job. it would be really cool to build a fishing pole as the job object. kinda like the hunters knife or the carpenders saw.

Great ides, I think the game could really benefit a fisherman. There could be a high chance of this idea being used as well, because classes aren’t finished yet. It would allow a whole new line of food.

BTW check your spelling :wink: *profession


I agree and love the idea of fisherman, There’s a few topics already out there discussing this idea and possible features,
This is the most recent, but there are a few more,
Either that one would help or this
I linked these cause this may need a merge and for you to read of course!

I too would love to see this, and I believe something is planned but only the future will tell.

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oh goodness, i’ve truly lost my mind, i thought i had already merged it earlier this morning! :confounded:

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someone who chops down trees and replants them in the world. just something i thought of that would make a cool and helpful job. please give me ur thoughts. and mr. crabs. please stop closing good ideas.

Are you referring to @8BitCrab? As far as I can remember, he’s never closed suggestions, just linked to similar ones in them or sometimes even merged them with older similar topics.

Speaking of which, unless you talk more about the gameplay rather than just the class itself, this will likely get merged into the class suggestion thread. [As did a much earlier, much longer suggestion thread on the forester that I found simply by searching the Discourse for “Forester”.]

If you want this as a standalone topic, it needs reason to be.

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hey there @the_jet_779,

we (the mods) like to keep one general thread for discussions on things like this, we dont actually just close them, but rather merge them with the older thread.

we do this to stop us from having 15 separate discussions about the same thing, instead all discussions of that thing are in one generalized thread and one discussion.

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oh ok. well thank you for clairifing that up. and yes, i know my spelling sucks.

The Keeper!
A hearthling who is obsessed with organizing things.

This class would make it easier for your hearthlings to organize items. The Keeper will have a specific area that he takes items from, like a stock pile but a custom area called “keeper pile”. This area will be the only area that hearthlings ever take stuff to… So that way they don’t have to put certain items in certain chests… The keeper unlocks item filters which would be locked by default. The keeper also takes items from the collection pile and places them in there correct chests/stock piles according to the filters.

I apologies for my terrible paragraph structure. :stuck_out_tongue:

So what do you think?!


though i like the idea, to me it seems more fitting of a character trait then a class,

thinking of traits, i wonder how thats progressed so far…


I was also thinking making a class like that would reduce the pathfinding of the hearthlings… a bit… maybe…

The more classes come the more complicated storage will be for the late game. Especially when we think about the future of Stonehearth, where we all know that we will have Castles and big cities and all that.

I thought about another class, as I was watching the video about the Herbalist, that may be able to help with the storage for the later game.

A Postman/Courier
Lets say the Carpenter and Herbalist dont use the same storage and they are assigned to certain storageplaces. May it be a square on the ground or a box with stuff in it. If we think about cities the Herbalist or Carpenter wont just move out, goes to the next warehouse and takes the stuff. It would be more likely that they are already working on some important stuff and dont have the time for running around gathering the things they need. Especially when they do one job at a time, as shown in the current state of the game, which of course can change.

And that is where the Postman/Courier comes in.
He waits at the main office and waits for his first job of the day. This job comes from the Herbalist (Player) of what he wants to create and how much he needs for that. The P/C goes to the warehouse/storagepile and collects the items. Then he moves them over to the storageunits the Herbalist only uses. The P/C may even be able to use a carriage because it might be to much for him to carry.

I know the idea is meant to be for late game, when castles and cities have been astablished, but it would make the game a bit easier and the NPCs would not run around when they should be working on something else. Especially when we think about early game, where attacks will scare the NPCs that are not guarding the village away. The P/C could be a fearless person who runs past everything because it is his job to deliver the items. Or he would have to wait at a signed Guard with a carriage because there is a battle going on up ahead.

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hey there @Gikame, welcome to the discourse :smile:

i just merged your topic with this one, to keep all discussions of classes in the same place.

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Thank you ^-^

Oh I see. I was a bit confused as I saw the words “closed”.
Thank you for your help :smiley:


I did have another Class suggestion for the late game. It can even include the Courier idea of mine for its main Idea.

Guard - Lookout

While we have Knights that patrol the area they only are able to act as soon as the player sees it. But later on the City will be attacked from many sides at once and it can get rather stressfull over time when the Player has to activate the parties over and over especially when thinking about the fact that the alarm will sound just as much.

My Idea would also replace the alarm for late game as the Guard - Lookout would be able to see whats going on and then alarm the first Unit directly or send a courier with the message of the attack (if my Idea of the courier ever gets to be in the game that is :D).

Guard - Lookout
The Guard is signed to a certain point on the map and is there until his time guarding that place is over. He then can head over to sleep and another guard takes over. The Guard however is not only there to guard but is also important as a lookout. When thinking about old Castles with Drawbridges, Guards were able to directly interact with the Danger coming towards them. May it be through directly defending the Drawbridges or going back to close the gates and pull the bridge up.

In Stonehearth the Guard would be able to detect danger from afar, for a specific range that depends on his level and on the height of the object he is standing on. After detecting a incoming threat he then would move to the Knights to tell them about the threat.

Maybe the Guard could even wear a Horn which he can use to warn the Village or City from afar when he is in a Guardtower and going out of it would be simply suicide for him. Or, and this would need Birds to be implemented + maybe another class for immersion, he could send a Bird over to the Village or City to warn them about the incoming bad guys.

And yes this Idea would very much replace the idea of the current Alarm system when the Village is being attacked.

It would also give the player the opportunity to make a little guardpost further outside and give him the freedom to make it look good as well, with a tiny farm and maybe another Knight for Safety. Because the Guard wouldnt just leave the tower when the Sun goes down.

I would love a delivery type of class. Like, if all my workers are working away… a deliverer could bring them certain items to cut building times down.

Or just a stockpiler class so the other hearthlings don’t have to stop their tasks to move stuff every which way… which is usually when my game starts to crash/lag… ><

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I can see i’ll need to mod in rice paddies and seaweed and other water based activites for my Fishing alternative.

Like how Settlers 2 did it where they would first deliver the materials to a stockpile outside of the building and then once the requirements were completed they would start on building the house?

The Settler 2 thing would indeed be nice for some building projects…
And I can see that fitting in the game theme.

I am just a little bit worried it could totally crash/prevent/delay some neat small building ideas, where you either don’t have the space, or don’t need it at all, because it is right next to your town stockpile…
Perhaps as an option in the building editor?
Like: Define a stockpile for the building, or use the existing ones.


maybe add fitting structures which work as specified stockpiles/delivery zones. Each with optional modes, like a carpenter box which maintains 5 wood and 5 cloth pieces (can be customized by the player) or a farmer stockpile where the farmers put their stuff in and only if they reach a certain amount of goods it will call the delivery class (a specialized worker which can be upgraded with a personal yak/donkey/boar), which will deliver the goods to the main stockpiles or distribute them to other specialized stockpiles. Additionaly he could work as mobile stockpile, you can assign drop zones, load zones and loot zones. Drop zone is mainly your first flag, but can be placed where ever you want. Load zones will be used by workers/miners they will use it as the nearest stockpile, so they don’t have to carry the resources the whole way back, the delivery will simply pick them up if they reach a certain amount or you trigger it. Loot zones can be used military, you assign the delivery class to a loot zone and he will pick up everything in a certain area.
Another idea would be to put such class in military groups, he will pick up the loot from enemies and could carry supportive items like daily foodration,medical supply (can be configurated by the player) or even ammontaion for ranged classes. Maybe also sleeping bags, so your soldiers don’t need to go back after every fight and you can keep plundering goblin villages and innocent crypts…

What I’d like to see is… Workers gradually gaining exp and after hitting level or two, they could specialize or remain as the jack of all manual labors. Dunno if any of these has been suggested before… There’s loads of rplies in the post and I tried to skim through them all!

Mines faster and yield much more ore at higher levels. Naturally needs a dedicated pickaxe for promoting!

Using a wheelbarrow as a starter gear and would automatically upgrade his “tool” to… uh… yaks and bigger animals to simply haul stuff around. Doing it faster and with bigger capacity as he or she levels up!

Builds faster and carriers more stuff the more levels he/she got!

Why wait for traders to come to you when you can send seasoned traveller and appraiser of goods to them? Would probably need own interface to load up a caravan with chosen items, maybe even get assigned armed escorts before sending whole trading group off screen. The more valuable the cargo, the bigger chance of it getting attacked by bandits thus the need of hardy warrioring hearthlings!

General worker levels
With levels goes faster, does things bit faster, but never as fast as dedicated hauler/builder/miner at their chosen tasks!