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Well then…i haven’t wactched the dev streams right now and am into this game since a week or so…i haven’t known this. I just thought of the guilt 2…you know, somesort of that :smiley:

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they actually havent announced it officially, but the files for those jobs do exist.

[quote=“MarkusWindson, post:152, topic:3934”]
and am into this game since a week or so…
[/quote]welcome to the discourse :smile:

[quote=“MarkusWindson, post:152, topic:3934”]
i haven’t known this.
[/quote]not that many people know this actually, :wink:

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This Game is amazing, i thought about what i would like to see in it, so here is my idea (correct me if there is a suggestion thats similar to mine!!):

  • a Mill: you can promote a hearthling and he will use the wheat to produce flour, this will be needed to bake bread.
  • Fisherman: A Job for your hearthlings, a lake near your buildings could be very useful to get more food, i woudl also love to see this Job animated in this beautiful game!

I Hope these are good ideas, just want to help with creative ideas, even if there is someone who already wrote about this!

the fisherman I’m pretty sure is already a planned job. as for the mill, while it’d technically be nice, there’s no point in having a hearthling that does nothing but turn wheat into flour. it’d be better to have one of the present jobs do that. as it is, there is - the cook. that’s not exactly realistic, but hey, it’s there. a better use would be the farmer, as the mill is already a farmer’s job anyway realistically. that way they would be using the mill if they aren’t harvesting crops/harvesting crops when they aren’t using the mill.

for the fisherman-part -> i hope so! :smile:

as for the mill, you are right, a full job just for that would be kinda useless. haven’t thought that one through… :smiley:

I also like the idea about the farmer using it, while he/she isn’t harvesting crops

so i would go for the mill only as a building, or is it possible to create something like a mill already??

edit: a watermill would also be kinda cool i think, in my opinion it would look very nice with a little river

These are just a few classes that I came up with inspired from my other post Crafted item designation & stored item moving

Assistants: Requires job class of any kind other than worker in village.
Must be then designated to a person with any job than worker and be called that in class description. (ex. Carpenter’s Assistant)

Description: This hearthling is now the assistant of said person. He/she will follow the hearthling wherever he/she goes, hand future needed items to, or next to the hearthling while they are crafting, and take whatever item they crafted/harvested/etc. to it’s rightful place.

Mailmen (name can be changed): No requirements

Desciption: this is the person who takes care of the storage of the village storage and move things where they need to be moved from and to (this class is based on my “specific inventories” & “move items from one inventory to another” ideas from my other post)

Those are my suggestions, say what you will and I hope you agree

hello everyone

everyone likes to fish in most Sandbox games

so i think if there comes a fishing system/class

plus maybe for the ( Monsters & Denizens )

a Sea/Water Race ? like the Naga/Murlocs which makes the Sea/Water a Dangerous place / yet a profitable place at the same time

makes more excitement / more Classes to choose from for living /food/treasure/drown boots ETC :smiley:

well that my suggestion ty everyone

Well it would sure be cool but making anything water-related is really hard mechanic-wise, and Tom was pretty skeptic about even making boats, so i think i am free to say that underwater/water race is not something we could expect. I like the idea nonetheless

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Why not add a wizard class that can help the player’s kingdom?I would like you to try to imagine wizards that could summon dead hearthlings to help you in battle, use life magic to make your crops grow faster, and bring hearthlings from another world that would help the player.So basically with a wizard in Stonehearth, things might be able to run more smoothly.Even though a wizard could make things run more smoothly, a wizard’s power could be abused and because of that i think that there should be a limit on the amount of wizards that the player can have.

Same as always, does anyone agree with me?

If this was already going to be added, I would like it if you told me in a reply to this topic.

Geomancers, I believe, are confirmed… and I suppose Magma Smiths are also somewhat magical. I have no clue what exactly magic will look like or what other branches of magic there will be, though. Honestly, I don’t think Radiant knows at this point either, besides Tom occasionally saying that they want magic to be rare.


Good BlockCrafter89

I think this was asked already, I don’t remember were this was, but I think this has already been addressed.

I don’t know if a mod is going to do something about this.

Anyway, what Coasterspaul has said, I do believe there is a Geomancer.

-Wizard Max-

there will indeed be magic wielding classes, but the first form of ranged combat will come from the archer…

I can’t seem to get any search results on my phone right now (can’t wait till this thing is replaced!), but I know we have a thread or three on the subject … :smile:


Good Wizard Adamo!

It has been while since we have had a conversation about them newts!

I must say though, it is quite impressive, I as soon as I imply about authorities a mod popes up out of thin air! What sort of sorcery is this?

Your friendly,

-Wizard Max-

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You’re a wizard, Hearthling!


The ability to rais the dead was discussed in depth in

Also we aready have one wizard suggestion: :slight_smile:


I think there has been plenty of wizard and necromancy threads, I have made two myself


Polymorphing goblins to get some more sheep sounds like a fun idea

i just merged it with the good ol’ class suggestions topic.

Rather than just havinga general ‘worker’ class, could we have a few starter classes that we could ‘promote’ for free to change what their primary concern would be?

So in stead of just having worker, we could have a ‘gatherer’ a ‘builder’ etc

that way when it comes to none ‘profession’ class work, they wont get confused on what their job is.

So the gatherers would gather all the stuff of the ground, sort etc

builders main concern would be building,

workers, could be mainly miners ( even though I know there will be a mining class later)

this way our ‘workers’ may not conflict as much in what their job is. and wont just drop what they are doing to go say mine.

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