[Clan] Praetor Imperius

Praetor Imperius. The first clan in all of Stonehearth.

Praetor Imperius is a clan dedicated to playing Stonehearth. We value fun, competition and camaraderie with your fellow empyreans. Be friendly to others, especially to those within Praetor Imperius. Be active and participate, and you will go far.

We used to operate solely from Stonehearth Kingdom, but we’ve decided to come to Stonehearth Discourse for practical reasons.

Application Form

Name: (what you would like to be referred to as by other people)

Specialty: Not Required Until Stonehearth Beta

About Me: (as a gamer or as a person, what do think others should know about you?)

-Ulysses Knapse (Prime Consul)
-Gremlin303 (Consul)
-Man_Of_Ret (Senator)
-??? (Senator)
-??? (Senator)
-Pope Insanity the Last
-Vincens Deus Exaudit
-Newf Ardame (Sir Traitor)

-no allies as of yet

-no enemies as of yet

Steam Group and Other Links:

-Home Page

-Stonehearth Kingdom Thread

-Steam Group

If you want to join the Steam Group, send me a private message with your Steam information and I’ll invite you to the group.

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Name: Vincens Deus Exaudit (That’s my Roleplaying name that I use occasionally)

Specialty: Not required until Stonehearth Beta

About me: I’m a Artist who creates things out of paper, I’m a video game enthusiast who plays almost all forms of video games, and I’m a 3D Animator (I use 3DS Max, the same program Radiant Team uses for animating stuff!). For my personality, I consider myself a very kind and polite person. I prefer fighting strategically to overthrow an opponent (Finding weakpoints in defenses, etc.). I think I’d make a good addition to Praetor Imperius.

Name: Newf Ardame (My roleplay name if you will)

Specialty: Not having a specialty

About me: I LOVE video games, there is not much else to me besides I am a dog who does usual doggy stuff besides playing video games with surprising skill for a dog, typing, talking and a bunch of other stuff people do. I consider myself slightly-aggressive (I blame the internet for making me this way) and a massive A-hole. My usual strategy is to send the weaklings in first and scatter the opponent then zerg rush with my heavier troops meanwhile my ranged units will keep up a steady fire on enemy forces even if it means hitting my own troops, Depending on the situation I may use different strategies. I don’t actually want to join Praetor Imperius because I never like to stay in groups long but I just wanted to make a post like this for the craic

wait, stonehearth will allow factions/guilds/clans/etc?

You can make a clan in any game you want… there is no need for a WoW like system :stuck_out_tongue:

Welcome, Vince and Newf! I’ll get to updating the other lists with your names as soon as the site they are hosted on becomes popular again, or something like that. Well, except for maybe you, Newf. Your lack of enthusiasm shocks me.

I was in a group on the minecraft server, I ended up btraying them, I wish you luck in all that you do and that. Im just saving you the heartache of bretrayal

Betraying them? That’s rather vague. How did you betray them?

This is getting a little bit redicalus (yes, I said Redicalus) Why don’t I just start my own Faction called…
Inferno Alliance or something?

You really like fire, don’t you?

Anyway, why is it “redicalus”?

Another spelling of Ridiculous is my guess

I was asking why it was “redicalus”, not what “redicalus” meant.

BECAUSE, my friend, reducalis and redicalus are more fun to say then plain old ridiculous, now say it with me…
Reh-duck-uh-lis or Reh-dick-uh-lus

I was asking why it was “redicalus”, not why you used the word “redicalus”.

oh, umm…I don’t know, I forgot (derp)
Just keep doing what your doing, oh, and it was most likely newf
Forget I was here
Pyre turned Invisible

What did I do? I do so many things I probably shouldn’t do I forget what I have and have not done (yet)…

I think he was implying that you were the cause of the redicalusness.

To be honest, it’s kind of easy to come to that conclusion, Sir Traitor.

Oh, by the way, I’ve come up with a new nickname for you. Sir Traitor.

First of all, its Lord Admiral Traitor, And secondly I like waffles

Mr. Emperor Lord King Admiral Sir Traitor!


Specialty: I like mechanics

About Me: I’m a like able person, I make stupid jokes, I don’t like the use of stronger language, If it’s fun, i’m in. I like to build giant things that are mostly pointless, to the untrained eye. I love to make use of the most cramped spaces, even if entirely pointless, i want lava forever, and will remain loyal to whatever is fun.