Citizens will not change jobs

Help! I can longer change the jobs of new citizens. It was working fine for the last 18 citizens.

So it seems that they will promote to anything but farmers…

Hello @revan, welcome to the forum :smiley:

Which version are you playing? It should be on the top left corner of the game screen.

So the only class that you can’t promote to is farmer? Do you get any errors?
Are the hearthlings able to go to the hoe talisman? Do they try to pick it, at least?

Correct I messed around with it, and it is just the Farmer job. I receive no error’s, and no I click to upgrade and it does the little stamp animation. Once this happen’s the citizen completely ignores that I did the promotion. However before I went to bed last night I tried restarting the game to see if it would solve the issue. Oddly enough it not only fixed that but also fixed the issue I encountered where my citizens would not gather wood or finish a wall I had them start building. I am not sure of the cause of both of these issues but from what I could tell restarting the game fixed them. I am currently playing the most recent version of the game for Windows.

alright, seeing as the problem fixed itself on reload, i’ going to move this out of bug reports.

if the problem comes up again, don’t hesitate in reviving this thread!

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