Circular towers not possible yet?

trying to build this…

gets this error…


also it couldnt deal with building a roof so i build one stacking multiple floors on top of each other, then erasing a few blocks. not sure if the editor can handle this? also the top tower could not properly place windows or doors…

Circular towers definitely used to be possible. I’ll chalk it up to the new editor’s bugginess.

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i dunno this might have to do with the balcony/platform out the front, awhile ago that kinda stuff was buggy not sure if it was fixed or not.

Circular? BLASPHEMY!! :wink:

It might have to do with tiny corners… I noticed a similar behavior a few alphas back (A8?), when I tried to build a diagonal house by building the floor through individual rows of tiles, shifted by one every row, like 1-voxel-steps. I assume, the error back then was the fact, that the hearthlings couldn’t fit the scaffolding anywhere, as the whole wall was basically made up of only pillars.

I can’t do this right now, but I’ll try exactly this again later tonight and will report back!


That “error wall of death” on the second picture, my goodness :open_mouth:

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