Circular Towers/Buildings?


not sure if this has been covered already

Does anyone want/think there should be circle style towers/building options.
Inspiration is the minecraft circle guide.

I like the idea of having like a wizard tower or an outpost that had a circular shape, not sure how difficult that would be to implement with the blueprint building option proposed or even aesthetically if it would fit.


To have the option of a Circle footprint instead of the square footprint i think is not the best way to have it.

however having some form of a way to make our own shapes (eg painting our own voxels of the floor) and then using the planed feature of saving our own footprints might work nicely.


I like that idea, i think it would work nicely. Certainly throws at lot more creative potential into the mix



What is this madness?! A circle made of squares?!


Aren’t all circles made of squares computer-wise. :smile:


I thought they were made of triangles?


what is this cir-ce-le you speak of?


Creative potential, but It would be easy to have a square voxel that constructs a circle building within it.


well, i specifically heard reference to spiral stair cases (in today’s livestream), so the potential for other circular constructs is certainly possible…


After what was said in the live feed about plans for building customisation i’m fairly confidant what i have in my head is probably gonna happen in some form or another.

@NightOwl those links were awesome pretty much what i was trying to ramble on about but that definitely better explained what i was thinking. (will be very useful for minecraft so thanks :smiley:)

@SteveAdamo my thoughts exactly, especially when they were talking about multi-levels and lots of varied customisation for buildings, just sounds like there might not be tons of options on release

nice to see my initial ramble sparked some discussion thanks