Choo choo! (hearthling friendly steam train!)

I made a little steam train for the hearthlings!

I just really wanted my little hearthlings to have the ability to move on rails. I can only imagine that maybe an engineer would make one of these, maybe call them “puffies”

I like trains

I would love if you could provide some feedback!

I made this in majoca voxel, so animation is not possible at the moment, However, I have the models for the base wheels, and it should not be too dificut to remove them and make them their own matrix.

Please, feel free to use this! the way I see it, the more the merrier.

I do have some things I am not overtly happy with, it used to be wider, but it looked weird with the size when compared to the hearthling . Currently, it supports one Engineer/Driver, but It still needs lots of work.

Choo choo!

Train engine.qb (484.7 KB)