China's forbidden city no longer working

I’m gonna be building the forbidden city i designed. I hope my citizens will be working very hard to build this wonderfull piece for there emperor.

It’s kinda big :slight_smile:


with a cost of almost 1000 stone and with the use of over 1500 wood, it took my citizens more then 12 hours of constant building to construct it and remove the scaffolting.

Next is the gate houses with stairs so they can start constructing the wall corner guard stations


a weird development, did not know this part was in stoneheart. Suddenly a strange creature appeared. Its an Ent and he is angry about the amount of trees being cut down. He ask for a number of logs to be sent back.


I always wondered if you’d get more ents attacking if you cut down trees

don’t know about more, but they come at a regulair interfall even when you don’t cut any new trees. The keep asking for more wood everytime, but do give you nice amounts of gold if you help them

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Couple screens from the first buildings


Uh you accidentally posted before 3 of your images was done uploading:


nope, its just text, i uploaded only 3 :slight_smile:

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Well make sure the game has a way to convert to unics :wink:

just for info the ent will be triggered if you have more then 800 items of the categorie “wood” or “resource”


thats covered by almost 2000 wood :slight_smile:

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Today i got the guard towers on the corners for you and a start on the garden part of 1 of the builds.


At least the forbidden city has enough food :slight_smile:

After many restarts and redo’s this is what i got to day


Wow that looks really nice. I’ve really gotten into the building aspect of the game a bit more, especially with how the new latest build handles building and such. I’m hoping to work on some monolithic structures myself while I stream the game. Can’t wait to see how your Forbidden City turns out!

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just a small teaser for today, did not get much done due to constant errors.


Looking at the code I don’t want to spoil it with specifics, but it looks as if the Game Master looks at your resources periodically and if you’ve amassed a high level of wood it sends the Ent knocking at your gate. The Wood/Ent resouce check is the only thing implemented at the moment but it’s set to be able to select randomly from a pool of resources to check. :wink:

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been busy today, got to do allot without any mayor errors ( were getting used to preventing them hahaha) Quite pleased with the progress so far. Did have some issues with citizens getting stuck at the side edge of a hole in the wall.

Had to micro manage a road to the entrance so they would aprosch it straight instead of an angle. This fixed it so now the citizens ( a wopping 36 :slight_smile: ) could get busy planting trees and building the road and bridges

Last pic for now is an overall image of the massive size it has already reached.


Had to cut down prety much all the trees. Started to bug me that i could not place anything near it without getting stuck on the camera view. Trying to place some new trees but the citizens appearently don’t like trees anymore because they are leaving them inside the storage area and instead go cuddle around the fireplace or run for some much needed vegi stew


This will be the last pic of forbidden city so far. I’m having allot of issues with citizens not bringing stuff to the other side. Also i have found some design flaws which are needed to be adressed. I also wanna redo some of the area’s so that the citizens will be better able to get to food, shelter and work area’s. This will include the animals area wich are now a bit out of the way.

In short I’m gonna rebuild, using some of the existing structures and creating allot of new and better ones. Once everything is done i will add it here for your viewing


took some time due to being busy and allot of build issue´s. But i wanted to share the final build setup before i started on a japanese themed town.