Changing colors on walls

Hi all,

i’m no modder but was wandering how difficult it would be to add some patterns to the instant walls. And i don’t mean texture on a single block, but a pattern that forms on the wall. Want to build some more realistic houses, with bricklayers walls and stuff. Would also like to add some new roof patterns.

Could it be as simple as using the existing files just changing the patterns?

no one have a clue or suggestion?

nearly as simple :wink:
You would have to create a mod which mixes some new pattern into the existing one adding to the building brushes at stonehearth\data\build\building_brushes.json

As a first step you can try to add an own one to that to test if it works correctly.
qb files for actual Brushes for walls and roofs are located in subfolders.

For the final mod, I would use the famous terrain colour mod as a base to see how to add things to he build editor :wink:

I’m no modder myself, but that is what I would try :smiley:

(of course you can simply change the existing qb files as a first first test :stuck_out_tongue: to see how it looks like in game)

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how do i open qb files? Can i do that with magicvoxel or do i need to change extensions. Same apply’s for making magicvoxel into qb files.

I think you will be able to import / export qb files with MagicaVoxel.

Fortunately, the wall patterns are just one matrix, if I remember correctly.

Roofs have multiple matrices, so you won’t be able to add new patterns for those with Magicavoxel.

Wall patterns are small, there’s not much space for detail. Roofs have a very specific shape and size, so it’s more difficult to create good patterns for them. You can’t change the size for them I think, otherwise they will glitch in-game.

well i just want to make brick walls possible and maby some japanese style wall with a bit detail on the brown blocks to make it more wood like.

my first try :frowning: 2 errors)

So its supposed to be more bricks and smaller gray lines. Where can i find the solo blocks?

Intricate wall patterns are not possible. Each cube segment of a wall in game is one voxel in whatever program you are using to create the .qb. There is no way to easily increase the ‘resolution’ of the walls either. There are no 10ths of a voxel which is what you would need to create a thin mortar line.

I can see you’ve already found the brushes, basically the brush is a repeating pattern.

The game doesn’t use any form of texturing and as such, a ‘proper’ high res brick pattern would be demanding on the renderer… I think.

So something like this is not possible? that would be to bad.

And the solo slabs, can they be more then 1 color?

Well, there is nothing stopping you doing that, but it would not give you the effect you are after. You’re after a nice brick pattern, what you would end up with is two large blocks of red, with a block of grey on top, as you’ve probably seen.

Only one colour per voxel I’m afraid

You could try something like this. It’s a quick effort and needs some work, but it should give you an idea:

A little less repetition in the pattern, and a little more variance in the colour, and it could pass as a brick wall.


it also looks like a basket :grinning:

cannot be unseen :fearful:

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