Can we mod Slab Colors?

Can I mod this in? I found how to make pattern floor, not exactly the same…

Really want a lot more variety of slabs :-/

It is possible, but you have to use overrides which means that every time the developers change something in the building tools, you need to update your mod.

This is very likely at the moment. According to the Trello Community Roadmap, they currently have someone working on “More varied roof, wall, and slab materials”. If that doesn’t come with the next alpha, it’ll probably be worth slapping a mod together.

yes you can, not so sure in how it is working right now, but is possible to even make then use other resources instead of wood or stone

WOW it was super simple, I am retarded.
Got it working in like 15 seconds :smiley:


In fact I think that you must mod the slab colors. I remember that when I tried adding new patterns for walls, floors and roofs, the game threw me errors because I didn’t add the colors present in the pattern to some file (I think it was the one that listed the slab colors).

Sigh… :pensive: Might be different now, I’m not sure.

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