Cemetery Designs

This may just be me, but I haven’t hardly seen any large cemetery designs on this site. So thus, I’m asking you guys to share your designs here, as I’m interested to see what people have come up with. Also, I haven’t designed one yet myself, but once I do, I will share it as well. For now, I just have my headstones thrown in a corner…


Once i am home and made a decent one ill upload it. I play on normal and it hardly ever happens that a person dies at my town. altho now that i am creating mods and testing them out all the time i am giving my hearlings some less care so now every now and then one dies so i can start making one.
Maybe if i play on hard that more hearthlings die. altho most of the time when they die my whole town would basicly die cause my army was not strong enough xD.

I think the most headstones I’ve ever gotten has been 8 or 9. I like to call those casualties my “early alert system”. By the time I finish the goblin campaign, I’m starting to wind down on building projects and various other things that usually keep my Hearthlings fairly close to the center of town. That means that they start to travel waaaaaaaaay outside the city to start collecting loot and various other items. When the kobolds and ogres start attacking, they usually kill one worker who couldn’t run fast enough, but it lets me know they’re coming in time to stop them before they enter my town.

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First save, so I’m not too entirely ashamed. Some died of early starvation, some gave it all in the goblin raids.

Second save, feeling a little more guilty. These poor souls were trapped in buildings, chased down by goblins, may the eternal monkey’s light forever shine softly on their souls, and we remember them as we pass by.

Then there’s those lost in combat, in service to others. As their brightly burning spirits inspired and warmed us in life they join the eternal ember in parting, to warm and strengthen us even when things are darkest.


I’m really proud of this (but not about the deaths for stupid reasons)

I like this cemetery/garden simple design


I love these shrines!

I tried to do something similar in the Rayya’s desert chain game, although no hearthlings had been lost by that stage and I didn’t want to kill off any of the existing ones. I did make sure to leave spaces for any future graves though.

Using stockpiles (i.e. place them down, let them fill and remove them) as a way to scatter items around the shrines as offerings is something I’ve tried as well, it works great for the Rayya’s aesthetic but I’ve found it doesn’t look so good for the Ascendancy in many situations, they tend to go better with cleaner designs. That said, leaving some food and gold offerings around a Church of Plenty shrine, or some bundled flowers in a graveyard, works really well no matter what race you’re playing as.


I usually just go with some stone walls around the cemetery, with some pink or blue flowers over each grave footprint. I suppose if ever I have a game where I end up with lots of dead hearthlings I’d build a small church or something too!

Ravenloft Cemetery

This one i locked in the crypt and made it apart of the cemetery :stuck_out_tongue: