Catchup Question: Water Physics


So I havent been looking at the forums for a bit, have been going about my life and I see the new post on hills and terrain generation. So i have been wondering…

Have they answered any questions in regards to water physics and how water will be flowing. aka can i divert a stream/river.

last time this question was asked was right after the kickstarter and the answer was that water physics is “hard” Wondering if there has been any word since then on the topic.

Plumbing / Water Delivery Systems

Unfortunately no news on water, apart from the landscape model from yesterday which includes a river, waterfalls and a lake… but this you have mentioned already.

P.S. If you don’t mind I will add this question to the repository for future streams.


no sir… but in the growing list of questions for the live streams, @voxel_pirate has asked this very thing… perhaps it will get mentioned in an upcoming stream… and feel free to submit your own questions there as well… :smiley:

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