Discussing Hydrology Updates as mentioned in DT 25/04/17

A new edition came out (love them as always) and wished to discuss a topic from it, which I feel is interesting.

From the water infrastructure seen between 0:03 and 0:29, something very interesting was seen. This is how the water was flowing and slowly filling in that space, which I will call a bath for argument’s sake.

As could be seen, the bath is not filled simply by the concept of water pouring in through a hole and having an effect similar to how Minecraft’s water does when it enters a hole.

The water entered into the bath obeying (what in my opinion are) complex concepts of physics [Pressure] following the formula of this area;

[Hight x Density x Gravity]

The water is flowing obeying the various laws which I will not go into for simplicity sake.

For example, the water is spraying out for a long distance, which is accurate according to physics, due to the height of the original water and the pressure exerted within the water vs the normal 1 atmosphere in the bath.

This is explained in the image below from the Google Images

The effect observed in the video obeys the bottom spray of water.

This for the game in my opinion means several things, which I will simply name below:

  1. things like aqueducts are possible
  2. Water sources (fountains and wells) are possible
  3. Roman Baths can be made

What do you guys think?

Also, just one more thanks to those who make the videos as posted on you tube and live-streamed - Thank you very much!


Did the water system get an update recently? If so i’m all in for that! Realistic htdro whateven pressure is all the rage thees days

Also, maybe it’s a little misleading to name your topic a Desktop Tuesday

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Water was mentioned at the beginning of the desktop Tuesday, which is my guess where the title came from. I do agree with you, so I’m going to give it a quick edit.


The water’s acted like this for a while, it just got so buggy that no one noticed. There was a while where attempts at waterfalls sometimes created jets that went way too far.

I certainly hope they make water more physically accurate as they fix bugs. [I’m taking a class on fluid mechanics right now, so I’d love total accuracy as far as Stonehearth can go, but I think the water system needs to still be simple to really fit the game.]


if i had to give me take on it, i agree keep it simple. I mean i would love to see highly realistic water mechanics.
but im also a realist :stuck_out_tongue:

  1. things like aqueducts are possible
  2. Water sources (fountains and wells) are possible
  3. Roman Baths can be made

I would be tempted to say all of these are fulfilled with a simple water spawner/despawner.
And i guess i have to ask what you intend to happen if i put a roof on that container?

will air pressure dynamics need to be a thing as well then ?


I’m so happy they’re getting their hands into water now, it’s been a long wait! There’s so many things we could do with water ingame. We could keep those pesky goblins at bay, with an hydrogenbomb for example. :heart_eyes:


Like @coasterspaul said water already behaves this way. Part of the reason why it’s hard to notice (aside from bugs) is that the model provided happens on a per voxel scale. So while multiple voxels are jetting water, each voxel is it’s own “tank” providing a single jet that descreases in size as the volume goes down with the top most voxel taking priority. You don’t start to get the decrease in pressure until the water level is bellow the top of the uppermost voxel (in the case of stacked voxels). Another thing that affects this is obstacles being in the way. The game adjusts the course of the water and in some cases bounces the water off the stuff it’s hitting giving you a higher arc.


Maybe an idea to make it just like Minecraft?

Thanks for this insight into the “firehose stream” effect – I’d always figured that it was a single jet spraying way to far, not a series of short jets spraying into each other like an overlapping chain.

But with that in mind, I think you’ve just given me one of the missing links for how to create a realistic looking waterfall. Unfortunately it’s going to be hard to test without a water spawning source handy; but a short proof-of-concept should be possible using a large enough body of water.

I’m still really excited to give it a go, though!

Of course I can’t wait to see these future water features (heh, heh) that Albert is working on, but in the meantime this should keep me occupied hahah


You can see the second/middle stream is all the way to the edge in the first picture and receeds as the water level/pressure goes down.

@YetiChow If ya find a biome with water on top of a rock that can help with testing after a fashion. If you have the Sacred Biome 1458111336 and 1396113781 have an area with 2 pools on top of a mountain.


@Psyduck, what I wanted to say was that the features, are not weird or fantastical, but accurate with respects to water. It would also, in my opinion, be cool that one can bring water from a mountain source via a aqueduct, or from a lake to a bath house.

Yes, having such devices would have, however, as of now, they are not (as far as I know) in plan for the game, and surely they are not achievable by playing casually or without commands - it also removes the degree of reality, as water indeed comes from such sources.

Air pressure can be dismissed, for the reason that in the game, it is rare to find so significant changes of the 1 Atmosphere. Also, it is NOT the difference of air pressure which causes the effects but the water pressure, which is, from what I observe, quite accurately depicted in such early stages. :slight_smile:

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Cant tell what the water updates will bring but the game did have spawners and despawners as part of the game.

you can read it here covers it more than i can anyways…

but again i dont know what updates will bring or what is in the plans for water for that sake.

And about water air dynamics vs water pressure try doing your google illustration at home in a plastic bottle you can close or stuff with your finger or something

its actually air pressure that makes the effect more than anything else…how you should think of it without a cap on it has 10km of air laying ontop of that water. And as light as air is that’s a lot of air, pushing down on that water since that equalizes air pressure from inside to outside the container.

gets bit more complicated the other way around but ill give that a shot as well >.< but i might mess this up! :smiley:
so what happens with a cap on the container is that air pressure will be greater on the outside that on the inside of the container. so much that air will be forced tru the holes in to the bottles since those 10km of air wants to equalize.

when air enters the container it creates overpressure pushing out water again, since overpressure is a stronger force than 1 atmosphere of pressure! Hope i got it all right! or at least it makes a bit of sense :stuck_out_tongue:

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As far as I can tell, a water drain that moves water to a higher water source would be the most reasonable way to allow water to be pumped up.

I imagine Stonehearth’s mountains are low enough air pressure won’t be an issue, and there’s not a great way to make closed containers.

hehe i dont expect air dynamics will be a thing :smiley: actually i know they wont :smiley:
And thats okey! just wanted to make it clear that highly realistic water physics is highly related to air pressure :innocent:

But if i had the option i would use it for the heck of it! :smiley: