Castlerock Livestream Town

Livestreamed today
I set a pretty big and long goal with this livestream i got asked so many times to make a Castle / Keep but it has always been post poned so i decided it’s time to try out to make a Castle like this for the first time ever

Will continue with this brand new town in the next livestream also :slight_smile:

Livestream Link



Looks neat! I recently thought about making “archer towers” basically once archers hit the max range at lvl 3 or 4 I think they might be able to shoot enemies approaching the entrance of your town from raised towers(or your main archway in your case). Would make some sick defense set-ups.

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:smiley: i think the defense will be really great for this if the Archers will be able to shoot from there forcing them in through that one way passage and rally civilians inside at the current place where my flag is or even inside the Castle / Keep :slight_smile:

Not sure how often your people eat in stonehearth but if it’s once a day i guess i could keep the archers guarding there and let em go eat once a day. Better hope i wont forget them up there tho :slight_smile:

Hope for a change for the guards soon so they go take a snack of food and sleep when needed and potentially even let us set their sleep pattern to always have guards positioned if needed


Next Livestream

Will stream Stonehearth tomorrow this tuesday starting either at 12:00 CEST or 18:00 CEST

Feel free to tune in and talk directly to me and give ideas for Castlerock and what ever we wanna talk about hope to have a nice stream:D

Agreed about the snack food. Awesome looking castle too : ).

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Thank you very much! :smiley: