Carpenter not crafting workbench - resolved

Started game, appointed farmer and carpenter, set up stockpiles. Opened carpenter workshop and clicked craft carpenter workbench, would not craft workbench and appeared with error in screenshot below.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Open Carpenter’s workshop
  2. Click on Carpenter’s workbench
  3. Click craft item

Expected Results:
Craft the workbench.

Actual Results:
Not able to craft anything, error message appears.
**Large list of mods below but I was able to play previously with those mods, the problem exists in the new game I started today.
Edit: This also happens in a new game.

Version Number and Mods in use:
-release 707 (x64)
Better Stockpiles
Brewery Mod
Chabonit mod
Cook mod
fornjotr mod
Furniture expansion mod
Season Mod
Settlement Decor
Smart Crafter

everyone having this issue has Chabonit’s mod and Smart Crafter which seems to be causing some kind of conflict right now. I suggest disabling one or the other. I disabled smart crafter because while there is massive convenience in having it you can manually craft stuff with out it, you can’t craft jewlery from Chabonit’s mod WITH OUT Chabonit’s mod lol

Ah! Okay I will try that thank you :slight_smile:

no problem! keep having fun with the game!